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Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    This section applies:

        (1)    to a project undertaken by an investor–owned electric company or gas and electric company that:

            (i)    involves the construction, reconstruction, installation, demolition, restoration, or alteration of any electric infrastructure of the company, and any related traffic control activities; and

            (ii)    is funded by federal funds to meet the State’s policy goals for the electric distribution system under Title 7, Subtitle 8 of the Public Utilities Article, including funds made available under § 40101, § 40103, or § 40107 of the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act; and

        (2)    only to the portion of the project supported by the federal funds.

    (b)    An investor–owned electric company or gas and electric company shall require a contractor or subcontractor on a project described in subsection (a) of this section to:

        (1)    pay the area prevailing wage for each trade employed, including wages and fringe benefits;

        (2)    offer health care and retirement benefits to the employees working on the project;

        (3)    participate in an apprenticeship program registered with the State for each trade employed on the project;

        (4)    establish and execute a plan for outreach, recruitment, and retention of State residents to perform work on the project, with an aspirational goal of 25% of total work hours performed by Maryland residents, including residents who are:

            (i)    returning citizens;

            (ii)    women;

            (iii)    minority individuals; or

            (iv)    veterans;

        (5)    have been in compliance with federal and State wage and hour laws for the previous 3 years;

        (6)    be subject to all State reporting and compliance requirements; and

        (7)    maintain all appropriate licenses in good standing.

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