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Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    (1)    Each employer:

            (i)    shall set regular pay periods; and

            (ii)    except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, shall pay each employee at least once in every 2 weeks or twice in each month.

        (2)    An employer may pay an administrative, executive, or professional employee less frequently than required under paragraph (1)(ii) of this subsection.

    (b)    If the regular payday of an employee is a nonworkday, an employer shall pay the employee on the preceding workday.

    (c)    Each employer shall pay a wage:

        (1)    in United States currency; or

        (2)    by a check that, on demand, is convertible at face value into United States currency.

    (d)    (1)    In this subsection, “employer” includes a governmental unit.

        (2)    An employer may not print or cause to be printed an employee’s Social Security number on the employee’s wage payment check, an attachment to an employee’s wage payment check, a notice of direct deposit of an employee’s wage, or a notice of credit of an employee’s wage to a debit card or card account.

    (e)    This section does not prohibit the:

        (1)    direct deposit of the wage of an employee into a personal bank account of the employee in accordance with an authorization of the employee; or

        (2)    credit of the wage of an employee to a debit card or card account from which the employee is able to access the funds through withdrawal, purchase, or transfer if:

            (i)    authorized by the employee; and

            (ii)    any fees applicable to the debit card or card account are disclosed to the employee in writing in at least 12 point font.

    (f)    An agreement to work for less than the wage required under this subtitle is void.

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