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Statutes Text

Article - Local Government


    (a)    This section applies to all counties except Baltimore City.

    (b)    The provisions of §§ 9–105 and 9–106 of this article apply to an act, an ordinance, or a resolution adopted by a commission county under this section.

    (c)    The governing body of a county may enact a law or regulation:

        (1)    designed to prevent conflicts between the private interests and public duties of county officers or employees, including the governing body; and

        (2)    to govern the conduct and actions of county officers and employees, including the governing body, in performing their public duties.

    (d)    The governing body of a county may enact a law or regulation to provide for a penalty, including a fine, a forfeiture, an imprisonment, or a removal from office for violation of any law or regulation enacted under subsection (c) of this section.

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