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Statutes Text

Article - Land Use


    Subject to §§ 20–303 and 20–304 of this subtitle, a public board, public body, or public official may not conduct any of the following activities in the regional district unless the proposed location, character, grade, and extent of the activity is referred to and approved by the Commission:

        (1)    acquiring or selling land;

        (2)    locating, constructing, or authorizing:

            (i)    a road;

            (ii)    a park;

            (iii)    any other public way or ground;

            (iv)    a public building or structure, including a federal building or structure; or

            (v)    a publicly owned or privately owned public utility; or

        (3)    changing the use of or widening, narrowing, extending, relocating, vacating, or abandoning any facility listed in item (2) of this section.

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