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Article - Land Use


    (a)    (1)    The planning commission for a local jurisdiction shall include in the comprehensive plan the following elements:

            (i)    a community facilities element;

            (ii)    an area of critical State concern element;

            (iii)    a goals and objectives element;

            (iv)    a housing element;

            (v)    a land use element;

            (vi)    a development regulations element;

            (vii)    a sensitive areas element;

            (viii)    a transportation element; and

            (ix)    a water resources element.

        (2)    If current geological information is available, the plan shall include a mineral resources element.

        (3)    The plan for a municipal corporation that exercises zoning authority shall include a municipal growth element.

        (4)    The plan for a county that is located on the tidal waters of the State shall include a fisheries element.

    (b)    (1)    The planning commission for a local jurisdiction may include in the plan additional elements to advance the purposes of the plan.

        (2)    The additional elements may include:

            (i)    community renewal elements;

            (ii)    conservation elements;

            (iii)    flood control elements;

            (iv)    natural resources elements;

            (v)    pollution control elements;

            (vi)    the general location and extent of public utilities; and

            (vii)    a priority preservation area element developed in accordance with § 2–518 of the Agriculture Article.

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