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Article - Natural Resources


    (a)    A person may not set a pound net or stake net in the waters of the Susquehanna River in Cecil County.

    (b)    Unless the written consent of the owner is first obtained, a person may not set any pound net opposite the shore of any owner of land bordering on the waters of the Elk, Bohemia or Sassafras rivers and their tributaries, and on the water of the North East River from Turkey Point to the River’s Head, or any part of it within the limits of Cecil County. A person, unless he is the owner of the fishing shore, may not set a pound net so that it obstructs the hauling of any seine on an established fishing shore on these waters.

    (c)    A person may not catch fish by means of hook and line in the tidal waters of the following tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay in Cecil County, Mill Creek, Furnace Bay, North East River, Elk River, or Bohemia River two days prior to and extending until the closing day of the regular ducking season as promulgated by the Department of Interior of the United States. This subsection does not prohibit ice fishing at any time nor catching fish by means of hook and line from the shore line, docks, or wharves, or fishing by any means on Sundays during the regular ducking season.

    (d)    A person may not set any net within 200 yards of the beach on the Turkey Point section of Elk Neck State Park. The area that is restricted by this subsection shall be set off with buoys by the Department.

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