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Statutes Text

Article - Natural Resources


    (a)    As part of the Department’s Chesapeake Bay Mainstem and Tidal Water Quality Monitoring Program, the Department shall conduct long–term sample collection in tributaries located on the lower Eastern Shore.

    (b)    At a minimum, the Department shall regularly collect samples from each of the following locations:

        (1)    Stations TRQ0088 and TRQ0146, located in the Transquaking River;

        (2)    Station CCM0069, located in the Chicamacomico River;

        (3)    Station XDJ9007, located in the Nanticoke River;

        (4)    Station XCI4078, located in the Wicomico River;

        (5)    Stations BXK0031 and MNK0146, located in the Manokin River; and

        (6)    Stations POK0087 and XAK7810, located in the Pocomoke River.

    (c)    To the extent practicable, water quality monitoring carried out under this section shall be done in locations where water quality monitoring was conducted prior to December 1, 2013, in order to allow the Department and the public to assess long–term water quality trends.

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