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Statutes Text

Article - Public Safety


    (a)    The Commission shall certify as a police officer each individual who:

        (1)    (i)    satisfactorily meets the standards of the Commission; or

            (ii)    provides the Commission with sufficient evidence that the individual has satisfactorily completed a training program in another state of equal quality and content as required by the Commission;

        (2)    submits to a mental health screening by a licensed mental health professional;

        (3)    submits to a physical agility assessment as determined by the Commission;

        (4)    submits to a criminal history records check in accordance with § 3–209.1 of this subtitle; and

        (5)    (i)    is a United States citizen; or

            (ii)    subject to subsection (b) of this section, is a permanent legal resident of the United States and an honorably discharged veteran of the United States armed forces, provided that the individual has applied to obtain United States citizenship and the application is still pending approval.

    (b)    The certification of a police officer who fails to obtain United States citizenship as required by subsection (a)(4)(ii) of this section shall be terminated by the Commission.

    (c)    The Commission may certify as a police officer an individual who is not considered a police officer under § 3–201(f)(3) of this subtitle if the individual meets the selection and training standards of the Commission.

    (d)    Each certificate issued to a police officer under this subtitle remains the property of the Commission.

    (e)    As a condition of certification, a police officer shall submit to a mental health assessment every 2 years and an annual physical agility assessment to establish continuing fitness to carry out the officer’s assigned duties as a police officer.

    (f)    Prior cannabis use is not a disqualifier for certification as a police officer.

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