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Statutes Text

Article - Real Property


    (a)    (1)    Any other instrument affecting property, including any contract for the grant of property, or any subordination agreement establishing priorities between interests in property may be recorded.

        (2)    The following instruments also may be recorded:

            (i)    Any notice of deferred property footage assessment for street construction;

            (ii)    Any boundary survey plat signed and sealed by a professional land surveyor or property line surveyor licensed in the State;

            (iii)    Any assumption agreement by which a person agrees to assume the liability of a debt or other obligation secured by a mortgage or deed of trust;

            (iv)    Any release of personal liability of a borrower or guarantor under a mortgage or under a note or other obligation secured by a deed of trust;

            (v)    A ground rent redemption certificate or a ground rent extinguishment certificate issued under § 8–110 of this article;

            (vi)    An affordable housing land trust agreement executed under Title 14, Subtitle 5 of this article with any transfer of property for which an affordable housing land trust has a reversionary interest; or

            (vii)    A restrictive covenant modification executed under § 3–112 of this subtitle.

        (3)    The recording of any instrument constitutes constructive notice from the date of recording.

    (b)    This section may not be construed to authorize the recording of a subdivision plat without any prior review and approval otherwise required by law.

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