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Statutes Text

Article - Real Property


    (a)    In this title the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Gratuity” includes donation, bonus, fee, or gift.

    (c)    (1)    “Mobile home” means a structure:

            (i)    Transportable in one or more sections;

            (ii)    8 or more body feet in width and 30 or more body feet in length;

            (iii)    Built on a permanent chassis; and

            (iv)    Designed to be used as a dwelling, with or without a permanent foundation, when connected to the required utilities.

        (2)    “Mobile home” includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems contained in the structure.

    (d)    “Park” means any property leased or held out for lease to two or more residents or prospective residents.

    (e)    “Park fee” means any fee, charge, or assessment charged for the use of the park or for services rendered.

    (f)    “Park owner” means any person who has interest in the park and includes any person acting as the agent of a park owner as to the managerial or operations acts taken as the agent of the owner.

    (g)    “Premises” means any:

        (1)    Lot, plot, site, or parcel in the park; or

        (2)    Building, structure, or mobile home in the park.

    (h)    “Rent” means any money or other consideration given for the right of use, possession, and occupancy of the premises.

    (i)    “Rental agreement” means any written understanding between a resident and park owner whereby the resident is entitled to place his mobile home on a site in the park for payment of consideration to the park owner.

    (j)    (1)    “Resident” means a mobile home owner who leases or rents a site for residential use and resides in a mobile home park.

        (2)    “Resident” includes a person who maintains a permanent residence with the mobile home owner, and who obtains title to the mobile home after the death of the owner under the terms of a will or by operation of law.

    (k)    “Rule” means any rule established by the owner.

    (l)    “Security deposit” means any payment of money, including payment of last month’s rent in advance of the time it is due, given to a park owner by a resident in order to protect the park owner against nonpayment of rent or damage to the leased premises.

    (m)    “Utility service” means any service available to the premises from a private or public central source. Such services may include sewer, water, electricity, telephone, gas, oil, and cable television.

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