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Statutes Text

Article - Real Property


    (a)    Before a current or prospective resident signs a rental agreement or occupies the premises, a park owner shall:

        (1)    Provide the prospective resident with a written notice identifying the availability, capacity, and connection fee of all utility services at the proposed site in order to assure the proper and adequate installation of the mobile home. The prospective resident shall furnish to the park owner a written acknowledgment of this notification and acceptance of the site as proposed.

        (2)    Deliver a copy of the rules and an explanation of any provision for amendment of the rule.

        (3)    Deliver a copy of the rental agreement which shall contain the following:

            (i)    A specific identification of the site to be leased;

            (ii)    A term of tenancy of at least 1 year;

            (iii)    A stipulation of:

                1.    The total amount of annual rental for the site;

                2.    The term of payment, whether monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually;

                3.    The amount due for each installment;

                4.    The amount of any late payment fee; and

                5.    All park fees, in a manner that identifies the service to be provided for each park fee;

            (iv)    A description of each general obligation of the resident and park owner;

            (v)    A description of each service, facility, and utility service that the park owner will provide;

            (vi)    A description of any termination and renewal option;

            (vii)    The text of § 8A–202(c) of this subtitle, which defines “qualified resident”; and

            (viii)    A specific reference to this title as the law that governs the relationships between the resident and park owner.

    (b)    (1)    A rental agreement may not require an annual payment of rent for a site.

        (2)    A prospective resident may request and a park owner may agree that the resident make an annual payment of rent for the site.

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