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Article - Real Property


    A park owner may not:

        (1)    Require, as a condition of tenancy, the purchase of any permanent improvement that would become the property of the park owner;

        (2)    Require any current resident or prospective resident to purchase from any particular person a mobile home, materials, or equipment, including the equipment required by the applicable law, necessary for installation of the mobile home, except in connection with the initial leasing or renting of a newly–constructed lot not previously leased or rented to any other person;

        (3)    Restrict the supplier of any product or service that the park owner does not supply to all residents in the park, except as the restriction directly relates to the safety of the residents;

        (4)    Restrict the installation, service, or maintenance of any electric or gas appliance if the installation complies with the applicable building code and other laws;

        (5)    Restrict any interior improvement of a mobile home if the improvement complies with the applicable code and other laws;

        (6)    Directly or indirectly, receive, collect, or accept any gratuity from any person that is made to facilitate, influence, or procure any advantage over other prospective residents in connection with the lease, use, or occupation of the premises; or

        (7)    (i)    Enforce the designation of an area in a park for exclusive occupancy by adults against any individual who, at the time the designation is made, is the owner or tenant of a mobile home in the park, as to that mobile home at its location at the time of the designation.

            (ii)    Subparagraph (i) of this paragraph does not apply if only a part of the park is so designated, and

                1.    The park owner:

                A.    Has made available to the individual, under comparable terms and conditions, another reasonably equivalent site for the mobile home in an area of the park that is not so designated and the individual shall accept or reject the proposed site within 60 days from the time the equivalent site is made available; and

                B.    Has assumed the responsibility of moving the mobile home at the park owner’s expense; or

                2.    The mobile home is not moved.

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