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Article - State Government


    (a)    Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, the Commission shall regulate sports wagering and the conduct of sports wagering to the same extent that the Commission regulates the operation of video lottery terminals and table games under Subtitle 1A of this title.

    (b)    In accordance with this subtitle, the Commission shall adopt regulations that establish:

        (1)    subject to § 9–1E–15 of this subtitle, the form and content of an application for any license required under this subtitle;

        (2)    the methods, procedures, and form for delivery of information from an applicant or a licensee concerning any person’s family, habits, character, associates, criminal record, business activities, and financial affairs;

        (3)    the procedures for the fingerprinting of an applicant for any license required under this subtitle or other methods of identification that may be necessary in the judgment of the Commission to accomplish effective enforcement of the provisions of this subtitle;

        (4)    the grounds and procedures for reprimands of licensees or the revocation or suspension of licenses issued under this subtitle;

        (5)    the manner and method of collection of taxes, fees, and civil penalties;

        (6)    standards, procedures, and rules that govern the conduct of sports wagering, including:

            (i)    the approval process for self–service kiosks, devices, or machines, security measures for the kiosks, devices, or machines, the amount of wagers authorized on the kiosks, devices, or machines, and any other matter relating to a self–service kiosk, device, or machine necessary to carry out the provisions of this subtitle;

            (ii)    the types of wagers on sporting events that may be accepted by a sports wagering licensee and prohibited wagers, such as wagers on injuries, penalties, the outcome of player disciplinary rulings, replay reviews, and other types or forms of wagering that are contrary to public policy or unfair to bettors;

            (iii)    the types and values of promotional items that may be given away to encourage sports wagering;

            (iv)    the manner in which wagers are received and payouts are remitted;

            (v)    the maximum wagers that may be accepted by a sports wagering licensee from a single bettor on a single sporting event;

            (vi)    the amount of cash reserves or other financial security to be maintained by sports wagering licensees to cover winning wagers;

            (vii)    acceptable forms of payment and advance deposit methods by bettors;

            (viii)    minimum uniform standards of accountancy methods, procedures, and forms as are necessary to ensure consistency, comparability, and effective disclosure of all financial information, including percentages of profit;

            (ix)    periodic financial reports and the form of the reports, including an annual audit prepared by a certified public accountant licensed to do business in the State in accordance with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements and generally accepted accounting principles;

            (x)    requiring licensees under this subtitle to demonstrate and maintain financial viability;

            (xi)    ensuring that sports wagering is conducted legally;

            (xii)    requiring licensees to prominently publish complaint procedures; and

            (xiii)    establishing a list of individuals who are to be mandatorily excluded or ejected by a sports wagering licensee from any facility or website operated by a sports wagering licensee; and

        (7)    any other regulation necessary to carry out the provisions of this subtitle.

    (c)    The Commission may adopt regulations authorizing a sports wagering licensee, if a satellite simulcast facility is located in the licensee’s sports wagering facility, to allow its employees to:

        (1)    accept satellite simulcast bets on horse racing; and

        (2)    operate kiosks capable of accepting both sports wagers and satellite simulcast bets.

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