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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    The Commission shall:

        (1)    assess the challenges facing LGBTQ communities;

        (2)    collect data across State agencies on:

            (i)    the implementation of LGBTQ–inclusive policies; and

            (ii)    complaints alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity;

        (3)    study and establish best practices for inclusion of LGBTQ individuals and communities;

        (4)    inform the Executive and Legislative branches of State government of issues concerning women and LGBTQ persons;

        (5)    offer testimony on issues concerning women and LGBTQ persons before legislative and administrative bodies;

        (6)    act as a clearinghouse for activities to avoid duplication of efforts;

        (7)    create surveys and appoint advisory committees in the fields of:

            (i)    education;

            (ii)    social sciences;

            (iii)    labor and employment laws and policies;

            (iv)    law enforcement;

            (v)    health and safety;

            (vi)    new and expanded services;

            (vii)    legal rights;

            (viii)    family relations;

            (ix)    human relations; and

            (x)    volunteer services; and

        (8)    publish, in accordance with § 2–1257 of this article, an annual report, and any other material the Commission considers necessary, that includes recommendations on policies for LGBTQ adults and youth that work to end discriminatory practices in the State.

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