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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    (a)    In this section, “legally protected health care” means all reproductive health services, medications, and supplies related to the direct provision or support of the provision of care related to pregnancy, contraception, assisted reproduction, and abortion that is lawful in the State.

    (b)    This section does not apply to an interstate investigation or proceeding described under subsection (c) of this section if:

        (1)    the interstate investigation or proceeding concerns conduct that would be subject to civil liability, criminal liability, or administrative sanction if committed in the State; or

        (2)    the subject of the interstate investigation or proceeding submits a written request to provide information or assistance to the investigation or proceeding.

    (c)    An agency of the State or a political subdivision of the State, an agent or employee of the State or a political subdivision of the State acting in the agent’s or employee’s official capacity, or a private party providing services on behalf of the State or a political subdivision of the State, may not provide information, expend time or money, or use State facilities, State property, State equipment, State personnel, or other State resources in furtherance of any interstate investigation or proceeding seeking to impose civil or criminal liability on, or administrative sanction against, a person for any activity relating to legally protected health care if the activity would not be subject to civil or criminal liability or professional sanction in the State.

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