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Statutes Text

Article - Transportation


    (a)    “License”, as used in reference to the operation of a motor vehicle, means any:

        (1)    Driver’s license; and

        (2)    Any other license or permit to drive a motor vehicle that is issued under or granted by the laws of this State, including:

            (i)    Any temporary license;

            (ii)    A learner’s instructional permit;

            (iii)    A provisional license;

            (iv)    The privilege of any individual to drive a motor vehicle, whether or not that individual is formally licensed by this or any other jurisdiction;

            (v)    Any nonresident’s privilege to drive, as defined in this subtitle; and

            (vi)    A commercial driver’s license.

    (b)    “License” does not include an electronic credential issued under Title 16, Subtitle 10 of this article.

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