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Article - Transportation


    (a)    This section applies if:

        (1)    The identity of the last registered owner of an abandoned vehicle cannot be determined;

        (2)    The registration of the vehicle gives no address for the owner;

        (3)    It is impossible to determine with reasonable certainty the identity and address of each secured party; or

        (4)    The certified mail notice required by § 25-204 of this subtitle is returned as undeliverable.

    (b)    Under one of the conditions described in subsection (a) of this section, a police department that takes an abandoned vehicle into custody shall give the required notice by posting a notice complying with the provisions of subsection (c) of this section in the circuit court of the county where the abandoned vehicle was found.

    (c)    The notice:

        (1)    May contain multiple listings of abandoned vehicles;

        (2)    Shall contain the information required by § 25-204 of this subtitle; and

        (3)    Shall be posted:

            (i)    Within 15 days of the taking into custody of the vehicle; or

            (ii)    If the notice by posting under this section is made because of the return as undeliverable of a prior notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, bearing a postmark from the United States Postal Service, within 7 days of the return of that prior notice.

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