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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0510 - Agriculture - Hemp Research and Production - Prohibitions

Environment and Transportation 2/25/2020 1:00:00 PM
As of: 9/29/2022 10:51:52 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Stein, Delegate Stein FAV Oral Testimony
Stein Testimony HB 510 Support
Hess, Patrick UNF Oral Testimony
Patrick Hess _UNF_ HB510 and HB574
Nash, Katie Ice Hollow Farms UNF Oral Testimony
HB 510 Testimony (1)
Altchek, Daniel FAV HB510 Support Daniel Altchek ENT
Brockmeyer, Adele FAV HB510 Support Adele Brockmeyer ENT
Caplan, Steven FAV HB510 Support Steven Caplan ENT
Caplan, Karen FAV HB510 Support Karen Caplan ENT
Dombrowski Risser, Nicole FAV No Testimony ENT
Foard, Dale FAV HB510 Support Dale Foard ENT
Fowler, Ronald FAV HB510 Support Ronald Fowler ENT
Gallerizzo, Susan FAV HB510 Support Susan Gallerizzo ENT
Gordon, Nancy FAV HB510 Support Nancy Gordon ENT
Henry, Vaughan FAV HB510 Support Scott Henry ENT
Hirsch, Peggy FAV HB510 Support Peggy Hirsch ENT
Joseph, Amrish FAV HB510 Support Amrish Joseph ENT
Keener, Joyce FAV HB510 Support Joyce Keener ENT
Khanna, Lynette FAV HB510 Support Lynette Khanna ENT
Lee, Jefferson FAV HB510 Support Jefferson Lee ENT
Lipkin, Paul FAV HB510 Support Paul Lipkin ENT
Nicodemus, Julie FAV HB510 Support Julie Nicodemus ENT
Nivens, Greg FAV HB510 Support Greg Nivens ENT
Papel, Ira FAV HB510 Support Ira Papel ENT
Pearlman, Michelle FAV HB510 Support Michelle Pearlman ENT
Peterson, Pamela FAV HB510 Support Pamela Peterson ENT
Risser, James FAV HB510 Support James Risser ENT
Roth, Alan FAV HB510 Support Alan Roth ENT
Rubin, Allison FAV HB510 Support Allison Rubin ENT
Schaffer, Susan FAV HB510 Support Susan Schaffer ENT
Schwartz, Deborah FAV HB510 Support Deborah Schwartz ENT
Shittu, Babatunde FAV HB510 Support Babatunde Shittu ENT
Siserman, Justin FAV HB510 Support Justin Siserman ENT
Solovyovsky, Paul FAV No Testimony ENT
Sontag, Michael FAV HB510 Support Michael Sontag ENT
Sottak, Kevin FAV HB510 Support Kevin Sottak ENT
Troy, Jody FAV HB510 Support Jody Maier Troy ENT
Trunbull, John FAV HB510 Support John Trunbull III ENT
Whitemen, Whitney FAV No Testimony ENT
Whitemen, Mitchell FAV HB510 Support Mitchell Whitemen ENT
Ziskind, Geoff FAV HB510 Support Geoff Ziskind ENT
Porter, Holly DPI UNF HB510_DPI_UNF_HPorter ENT
Shirk, Cassie MDA UNF HB 510 MDA Legislative Comment ENT
Thompson, Lindsay MD Grain Producers UNF Oral Testimony
20 MGPA, HB510 Hemp2miles
SunX testimony HB 510
Boyd, Ergibe Prince George's County Hemp Farmer UNF Oral Testimony
Forbush, Elizabeth FAV Oral Testimony
Forbush TestimonyHB510, HB 574, SB964
Pearlman, Michelle FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Lignoss, Tina FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Stevens, Richard FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Troy, Steven FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Welch, Parker Maryland Farm Bureau UNF Oral Testimony
Thompson, Lindsay Maryland Grain Producers Association UNF No Testimony ENT
Welch, Parker Maryland Farm Bureau UNF No Testimony ENT
Porter, Holly Delmarva Poultry UNF No Testimony ENT
Atticks, Kevin Maryland Hemp Coalition UNF Oral Testimony
HB 510 - Hemp Prohibitions - MAFC - Oppose
Chaney, Anna Honey's Harvest UNF No Testimony ENT
FurmanGordon, Dawn Fingerboard Farm UNF No Testimony ENT
Beck, Ernie 4 Reasons Hemp UNF No Testimony ENT
Stamper, Eryck Maryland Hemp Exchange UNF No Testimony ENT
O'Brien, Darren Hemp Hills Farm UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Crow, Roy Crow Farm & Vineyard UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Sellers, Levi South Mountain Farms UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Boffman, Jalita Thrive Nutricuticals UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Nash, Katie Ice Hollow Farms UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Murphy, John Murphy Massey LLC UNF HempBill HB510 2020 UNF ENT
Murphy, John Murphy Massey LLC UNF No Testimony ENT
Batten, Chris UNF No Testimony ENT
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