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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0629 - County Boards of Education – Student Member – Voting

Ways and Means 2/5/2021 1:30:00 PM
As of: 8/1/2021 2:16:47 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Novotny, Delegate Novotny FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Meiser, Henry Maryland Association of Student Councils UNF Letter to House on Bill 629.pdf W&M
Harris, Jr., Jesse Maryland Association of Student Councils/Maryland Youth Advisory Council UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Badwi, Noureen UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Arend, Anthony UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Herd, Ian Maryland Youth Advisory Council UNF Oral Testimony
HB0629 - Oppose - MD Youth Advisory Council.pdf
DiPietro, Jon Maryland Student Coalition (MSC) UNF Oral Testimony
Duan Testimony .pdf
Espiritu Testimony .pdf
LAC Note.pdf
LAC Testimony.pdf
Vadlakonda, Dhriti UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Griffiths, Brian UNF HB0629-Student Board Member_20210203.pdf W&M
Rashkovan, Sofiia UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Lidard, Christopher UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Elliott, Richard DeShay Prince George's County Young Democrats UNF Legislative Testimony 629.pdf W&M
Dapo-Adeyemo, Toluwanimi Maryland Association of Student Councils UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Song, Oliver None UNF Oral Testimony
Testimony for SMOB .pdf
Morrow, Lori UNF HB629-OPPOSE-LMorrow.pdf W&M
Fannon, Mary Pat UNF HB 629 student voting school boards oppose PSSAM.p W&M
Conner, Charles Office of the Baltimore County Executive UNF BaltimoreCounty_UNF_HB0629.pdf W&M
Wu, Jason UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Leal, Carmelli Patricia Maryland Association of Student Councils UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Jackson, Ninah UNF Students of Maryland's Boards of Education HB0629 W&M
Hall, Michele Maryland Office of the Public Defender UNF Oral Testimony
Smith, Drake FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Kramer, Brian UNF Testimony In Opposition To HB 629.pdf W&M
Spiegel, Traci FWA Oral Testimony W&M
Mohan, Jyoti UNF Testimony Student Member Voting.pdf W&M
Drooff, Else UNF HB629_Testimony_Drooff.pdf W&M
Brown, Pamela Maryland Association of Local Management Boards UNF HB629_Oppose (1).pdf W&M
Ortiz, Jeanette UNF AACPS HB629 SMOB Voting OPP 2.5.21.pdf W&M
Bush, Emma UNF testimony1 - Google Docs.pdf W&M
Woolums, John UNF HB 629.Student Board Member Voting.pdf W&M
Raskin, Lauren UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Martin, Jamie UNF HB 629 Testimony Jamie.pdf W&M
Le, Olivia CRASC UNF Written Testimony - HB0629 Revised.pdf W&M
Bush, Emma Sunrise Movement Howard County UNF Sunrise Howard County Statement .pdf W&M
Feinberg, Lisa FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Guerci, Eric UNF Guerci HB 629 Testimony.pdf W&M
Chernoff, Samuel UNF House Bill 629 Written Testimony.pdf W&M
Dove, Tina Maryland State Education Association UNF Oral Testimony
HB 629--SMOBE Voting--UNF--FINAL.pdf
Bui, Eliani UNF House Bill 629 Written Testimony - Google Docs W&M
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 4-15-2021 at 243 PM W&M
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