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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0958 - Criminal Procedure – Postconviction Review – Motion for Reduction of Sentence

Judiciary 2/22/2022 1:00:00 PM
As of: 8/9/2022 6:17:40 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Williams, Delegate Williams FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Caroom, Philip Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform FAV Support 958 - sentence reduction.docx.pdf JUD
Love, William UNF No Testimony JUD
riley, joseph Maryland State's Attorneys Association UNF Oral Testimony JUD
Feldman, Becky Baltimore City State's Attorney Office FAV Oral Testimony JUD
mcavoy, vince UNF Oral Testimony JUD
Braveboy, Aisha Prince George's County State's Attorney FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Jaros, David University of Baltimore School of Law Center for Criminal Justice Reform FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Hilliard, Elizabeth Maryland Office of the Public Defender FAV Oral Testimony
MOPD Favorable HB 958.pdf
Williams, Nicole Maryland General Assembly FAV DelNWilliams_HB958_Testimony.docx.pdf JUD
Goodmark, Leigh University of Maryland School of Law Gender Violence Clinic FAV Oral Testimony
Gender Violence Clinic Written Testimony HB 958.pd
Suter, Erica MCDAA FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Haven, Kimberly FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Lim, May For The People FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Kroll, Steven Maryland State's Attorneys' Association UNF Oral Testimony JUD
Dews, Christopher JOTF FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Hilliard, Mike Law Enforcement Action Partnership FAV Oral Testimony
Hilliard Post-Conviction Review Second Look MD Tes
Elalamy, Sara Maryland Judiciary UNF hb958.pdf JUD
McWilliams, Elaina FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Leonard, Robbie FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Niemann, Doyle Legislative Committee, Criminal Law & Practice Section, Maryland State Bar Association FAV Oral Testimony
HB958 - Moton for Reduction of Sentence.pdf
Wallington, Keith Justice Policy Institute FWA Oral Testimony
Hanson-Mundell, Nicole FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Dale, Wanda FAV Oral Testimony
Jazzma Hines-Testimony on HB958.pdf
Williams, Carrie Office of the Attorney General FAV HB 958 (Motion for Reduction of Sentence).pdf JUD
Blout, Hillary For The People FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Reisig, Jeff Yolo Co. District Attorney's Office FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Britt, Adiena N/A FAV No Testimony JUD
consoli, angelo FOP Lodge 89 and Maryland State Lodge UNF No Testimony JUD
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