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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB1023 - Department of Legislative Services - Collection of Information Related to Public Safety, Criminal Justice, Corrections, and Juvenile Services

Appropriations 3/1/2022 1:00:00 PM
As of: 10/3/2022 7:53:34 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Speaker, Speaker FAV Oral Testimony APP
Edsall, Cameron Governor's Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services INFO HB1023_SB785_GOCCP Written Testimony.pdf APP
Hamill, Russell Maryland Chief's and Sheriffs Association UNF Oral Testimony
MCPA-MSA_HB 1023 DLS Collection of PUblic Safety D
Kahl, Catherine INFO HB1023.DPSCS.LOI.pdf APP
Blau, Samantha Baltimore Action Legal Team UNF Oral Testimony
People's Commission Testimony in Opposition to Dep
Brady, Michael Maryland State Police INFO HB 1023 LOI.pdf APP
Schumitz, Kali Maryland Center on Economic Policy FAV HB1023_MD Center on Economic Policy_FAV.pdf APP
Shapiro, David Maryland Office of the Public Defender INFO OPD Informational Statement_HB1023-SB785_Collectio APP
Tilghman, Marlon Bridge Maryland, Inc UNF Oral Testimony APP
Coleman, Ryan President, Randallstown NAACP FWA HB 1023-Legislative Services-Collection of Informa
Matt Lewis Response Letter (NAACP).pdf
Williams, Thomas Maryland State Police INFO MSP Position Paper HB 1023.pdf APP
Antoine, LaTrina Baltimore Witness FAV State House_1_ Baltimore Witness Testimony.pdf APP
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