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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB1027 - Food Supplement Benefits - Students - Eligibility (SNAP for Students)

Appropriations 3/10/2022 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/27/2023 9:02:21 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Solomon, Delegate Solomon FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Gardner, Davon INFO HB1027_DHS_LOI.docx.pdf APP
Silver Negron, Caitlin Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB1027, Silver Negron, Fav.pdf
LeGrande, David Our Revolution, Howard County, MD FAV HB1027.pdf APP
Wolfson, Julia FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Britt, Adiena N/A FAV No Testimony APP
Tjaden, Allison University of Maryland, College Park FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 1027 University of Maryland College Park_fav.pd
Frey, Leslie Montgomery County FAV CAB Testimony_HB1027.pdf APP
Holmes, Ayesha Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry FAV Share Our Strength - Testimony in Support - HB 102 APP
Menjivar, Sadai Identity Inc. FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 1027S.Menjivar_fav.pdf
Smith, Deveraux University of Maryland Baltimore County FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB1027 Deveraux Smith_UMBC_Program Director for Re
Elliott, Robyn FAV 2022 Moveable Feast HB 1027 House Side.pdf APP
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV HB1027_SNAP_for_Students.pdf APP
Thorne, Caroline FAV HB1027 Testimony Template.pdf APP
Sollee, Kate University of Maryland Carey Law Public Health Law Clinic FAV HB1027MDPHCLINIC031022.pdf APP
Wilkins, Barbara INFO HB 1027 Food Supplement Benefits-Students (Solomon APP
Law, Jonathan FAV No Testimony APP
Kasemeyer, Pam FAV HB1027_FAV_MDAAP_SNAP for Students.pdf APP
Vengrin, Charlotte FAV HB 1027_StudentsToEndPoverty_fav.pdf APP
Kessel, Woodie FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Griner, Heather Community College of Baltimore County FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 1027GRINER.CCBC_fav.pdf
Wallerstedt, Anne Maryland Food Bank FAV HB 1027 - Maryland Food Bank.pdf APP
Fidler, Sara Maryland Independent College and University Association FAV HB1027 SNAP Benefits FINAL.pdf APP
Cooke, Lily-Max Student Government Association, University of Maryland FAV Testimony HB1027 - Cooke.pdf APP
Wechsler, Aiden Student Government Association at the University of Maryland FAV HB1027_AidenWechsler_fav.pdf APP
White, Marceline FAV MCRC Testimony 2022 HB 1027.docx.pdf APP
Fink, Nelda UNF HB1027-Unfavorable-Fink-D32.pdf APP
Bruskin, Heather Maryland Food System Resiliency Council FAV HB1027_FAV_MD Food System Resiliency Council.docx. APP
Love, William UNF No Testimony APP
Truss, Tiffani FAV No Testimony APP
Wilson, Michael J Maryland Hunger Solutions FWA In Person - Oral Testimony
Maryland Hunger Solutions Testimony in support of
Schumitz, Kali Maryland Center on Economic Policy FAV HB1027_MD Center on Economic Policy_FAV.pdf APP
Hugee, Larita University of Maryland Eastern Shore FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 1027Larita Hugee_fav.pdf
Latino Caucus, Maryland Legislative FAV HB1027 Testimony.pdf APP
Bruskin, Heather Montgomery County Food Council FAV HB1027_FAV_Montgomery County Food Council.pdf APP
Bogdan, Henry Maryland Nonprofits FAV No Testimony APP
Beller, Joel Baltimore County Government FAV BaltimoreCounty_FAV_HB1027.pdf APP
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