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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB1233 - Correctional Services - Inmates - Intake and Release Requirements (Reentry Success Act of 2021)

Judiciary 3/9/2021 1:30:00 PM
As of: 10/22/2021 11:56:19 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Feldmark, Delegate Feldmark FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Haven, Kimberly FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Kraska, MJ Maryland Catholic Conference FAV MD Catholic Conference_FAV_HB1233.pdf JUD
Westervelt, Patricia Maryland Department of Transportation INFO HB1233 - MVA - Inmates - Intake and Release Requir JUD
Baranauskas, Anthony INFO HB1233 MSBVS Letter.pdf JUD
Hanson - Mundell, Nicole Out for Justice FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Kahl, Catherine INFO DPSCS_LOI_HB1233.pdf JUD
Lennig, Dorothy House of Ruth MD UNF No Testimony JUD
Britt, Adiena N/A FAV No Testimony JUD
Jones, Akida Community Mediation Maryland FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Johnson, Qiana Life After Release FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Gibson, Rich Howard County State's Attorney's Office FWA Oral Testimony
HB 1233-SA Rich Gibson-Favorable with Amendments-M
Frazee, Brian Maryland Hospital Association FAV HB 1233- Correctional Services - Inmates - Intake JUD
Thibeault, Abigail Office of the Public Defender FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Shapiro, Melanie Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence UNF Oral Testimony
Ruth, Laure Women's Law Center of Maryland, Inc. UNF No Testimony JUD
Overholser, Leslie Community Mediation Maryland FAV Oral Testimony
HB1233 Written Testimony Community Mediation Maryl
Philip, Diana NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland FAV No Testimony JUD
Mannen, Ricky FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Jordan, Lisae UNF Oral Testimony JUD
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