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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0134 - Civil Actions - Child Sexual Abuse - Definition and Statute of Limitations

Judicial Proceedings 2/2/2021 1:00:00 PM
As of: 6/16/2021 10:08:11 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Hettleman, Senator Hettleman FAV No Testimony JPR
Robb, Kathryn Exec. Dir. CHILD USAdvocacy FAV Oral Testimony
Kathryn Robb SB 134 Written Testimony.pdf
Lander, John-Michael FAV Testimony Why Survivors Delay Disclosure of Sexual JPR
Hoke, Kathleen FAV Oral Testimony
UM Public Health Law Clinic Senate Written Testimo
Zirkin, Bobby ZS Public Affairs UNF Oral Testimony
Joseph, Nitai No More Stolen Childhoods FAV Anonymous1 Written Testimony SB134.pdf
Anonymous2 SB134 written testimony.pdf
Jennifer Gross SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Mark ODonnell -SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Milio, Vanessa No More Stolen Childhoods FAV Abbie Schaub SB134 Written testimony.pdf
Center for Children SB 134 Written Testimony.pdf
CPMC SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Elaine Spector Written Testimony SB134.pdf
First Star Institute SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Frank Schindler SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
MCA SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Mike Fitz-Patrick SB134 written testimony.pdf
NMSC_2021 Letter of Support SB134.HB263 (SENATE) N
SCCAN SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Hessler, Therese FAV Kay Connors UMD SB134 2021 - Written Testimony.pdf
Kurt Rupprecht SB134 written testimony.pdf
Mary Corzine SB134 written testimony.pdf
Maryland Catholics for Action SB134 Written Testim
Maryland Family Network SB134 Written Testimony.pd
MDAAP SB 134 Written Testimony.pdf
P.A.N.D.A. SB 134 Written Testimony.pdf
Sarah Conway SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Teresa Lancaster SB134 written testimony.pdf
The Family Tree SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
mcavoy, vince FWA Oral Testimony JPR
Jones, Brenda Families Advocating Intelligent Registries (FAIR) UNF SB134 FAIR UNF.pdf JPR
White, Rachel Advocates for Children and Youth FAV SB134 Favorable Testimony.pdf JPR
Lorenz, David FAV Becky Ianni SB134 written testimony.pdf
Benjamin Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
Buddy Robson SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Carolyn Surrick SB134 written testimony.pdf
Citi Ministries_Hidden Predators Act letter.pdf
David Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
Eileen Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
Erin Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
Judy Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
Zach Hiner_SNAP SB134 written testimony.pdf
Legal Aid, Maryland Maryland Legal Aid FAV SB 134 Testimony.pdf JPR
Lorenz, Judith FAV Oral Testimony
Carolyn Surrick SB134 written testimony.pdf
CRBC SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
David Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
David Schappelle SB 134 WrittenTestimony.pdf
Episocopal Diocese of MD SB134 Written Testimony.p
Gloria Larkin - SB134 written testimony.pdf
Jean Hargadon Wehner SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Jena Cochrane SB134 written testimony.pdf
Jordan, Lisae C Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) FAV St-lim - testimony - senate - 2021.pdf JPR
LeMon, Erica FAV SB 134 Final.pdf JPR
Lombardi, Joyce Center for Hope - Lifebridge FAV SB134 Center for Hope SOL FAV.pdf JPR
surrick, carolyn self FAV Oral Testimony
Carolyn Surrick SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Mills, Patti FAV SB134_FAV_Mills.pdf JPR
Schappelle, David FAV Oral Testimony
David Schappelle SB 134 WrittenTestimony.pdf
Lorenz, David SNAP FAV Oral Testimony
David Lorenz SB134 written testimony.pdf
Little, Rev. Kobi NAACP Maryland FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Gross, jennifer self FAV Oral Testimony
Jennifer Gross SB134 Written Testimony.pdf
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 1-29-2021 at 310 PM JPR
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