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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0188 - State Finance – Prohibited Appropriations – Magnetic Levitation Transportation System

Budget and Taxation 1/27/2021 1:00:00 PM
As of: 2/8/2023 6:16:10 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Pinsky, Senator Pinsky FAV No Testimony B&T
Griffin, Andrew Maryland Chamber of Commerce UNF SB 188_State Finance and Procurement_Prohibted App B&T
Fry, Donald Greater Baltimore Committee UNF SB0188--01.27.21--State Finance – Prohibited Appro B&T
McCulloch, Champe Maryland AGC UNF SB 188 State Finance – Prohibited Appropriations – B&T
Fine, Maureen Salutation FAV _2SB0188_HB0063 State Finance-Prohibited Appropri B&T
Hart, Kyle National Parks Conservation Association FAV Maglev SB 188 comments_FINAL.pdf B&T
Kasecamp, Larry SMART Transportation Division FAV Testimony SB-188 Maglev 2021- B&T.pdf B&T
McCutchen, Susan FAV McCutchen Maglev SB0188 Written Testimony 1-27-202 B&T
Tulkin, Josh MD Sierra Club FAV SB188 - Prohibited Appropriations-Magnetic Levitat B&T
Truong, Hieu Baltimore Asian Resistance in Solidarity FAV No Testimony B&T
Barnett, Susan FAV Testimony for SB0188 per Susan Barnett.pdf B&T
Evans, Hayley UNF MTBMA MAA SB 188 Letter.pdf B&T
Woomer, Dan Maryland Coalition for Responsible Transit (MCRT) FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
CATS-MCRT Rpt - Amtrak the Better Alternative - 20
CATS-MCRT Rpt - SCMagLev Biological Impact - 20210
CATS-MCRT Rpt - SCMagLev Biological Impact 02 - 20
CATS-MCRT Rpt - SCMagLev Community Impact - 202101
CATS-MCRT Rpt - SCMagLev Safety 02 - 20210111.pdf
CATS-MCRT Rpt - The Next Generation of Amtrak Acel
CATS-MCRT Rpt -SCMagLev Safety - 20210111.pdf
Jones, Thurman Patriots Technology Training Center UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
SB0188 Patriots Techology Training Center.pdf
Howard, Brent Baltimore County Chamber Of Commerce UNF Senate Bill 188 Response.pdf B&T
Russel, Jennifer Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance UNF MAG LEV SMTA.pdf B&T
Italiano, Ginanne The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce UNF SB0188 - Greater Bethesda Chamber - UNFAVORABLE.pd B&T
Rogers, Wayne Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
2021 SB188 WLR Testimony Final Version.pdf
James, Takisha Town of Bladensburg FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Mayor Takisha James Testimony_SB0188.pdf
Pinsky, Paul FAV Glaros re MAGLEV Leg.pdf B&T
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-4-2021 at 103 PM B&T
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