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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0253 - State Finance and Procurement - Prohibited Appropriations - Magnetic Levitation Transportation System

Budget and Taxation 2/5/2020 2:00:00 PM
As of: 9/29/2022 10:39:10 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Pinsky, Senator Pinsky FAV No Testimony B&T
Shaw, Michelle Woodlawn Community Association FAV SB253,WoodlawnImpactStatement,InSupport B&T
Almquist, Brian FAV SB253,BrianAlmquist,InSupport B&T
McCutchen, Susan FAV Oral Testimony
Woomer, Dan FAV Oral Testimony
Dan Woomer_FAV_SB253
James, Takisha Mayor, Town of Bladensburg FAV Oral Testimony
Brady, Dennis FAV Oral Testimony B&T
Woomer, Dan LSIA FAV No Testimony B&T
Griffin, Andrew Maryland Chamber of Commerce UNF MDChamber_Griffin_Unfav_SB 253 B&T
Fry, Donald Greater Baltimore Committee UNF GBC_UNF_SB253 B&T
Rogers, Wayne Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail UNF Oral Testimony
SB 253_BWRR_Oppose
Guido, Jeff Baltimore-DC Building Trades UNF Oral Testimony
SB 253_BuildingTrades_Oppose
McNeill, Jr., Rev. Charles National Capital Baptist Convention UNF Oral Testimony
SB 253_NCBC_Oppose
Jones, Thurman Patriots Technology Training Center UNF Oral Testimony
SB 253_Patriots_Oppose
Ross, Robert Prince George's County Branch of NAACP UNF Oral Testimony
SB 253_NAACP_Oppose
Howard, Brent Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce UNF SB 253_BCCC_Oppose B&T
Sakata, Michael Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association UNF SB 253_MTBMA_Oppose B&T
Carter, Bishop J.L. Ministers Conference of Baltimore & Vicinty UNF SB 253_Minsters_Oppose B&T
Blair, Janet National Action Network Greater Baltimore Chapter UNF SB 253_NAN_Oppose B&T
Harrington, David Prince George's County Chamber of Commerce UNF SB 253_PGChamber_Oppose B&T
McCulloch, Champe Maryland AGC UNF Oral Testimony
SB 253 Maglev
dombroski, marian anacostia watershed community advisory committee FWA No Testimony B&T
Committee Staff, Budget and Taxation INFO Merged Testimony as of 2-11-2020 at 147 PM B&T
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