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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0732 - Department of Juvenile Services and Maryland Department of Health – Inpatient Program for Children

Judicial Proceedings 2/28/2024 1:00:00 PM
As of: 6/18/2024 10:22:25 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Carter, Senator Carter FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Gilbert, Patrick Maryland State's Attorneys' Association FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Ward, Lindsay MD Chesapeake Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) INFO No Testimony JPR
SWASC, UM Social Work Advocates for Social Change FWA SB 732 Testimony.pdf JPR
mcavoy, vince UNF No Testimony JPR
Tompsett, Thomas Harris Jones & Malone FAV SB 732 - Support - MPS WPS.pdf JPR
Pallan, Serena DOVE FAV Virtual - Oral Testimony
McKinley, Sarah Maryland Office of the Public Defender FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Carter, Jill FAV 732.pdf JPR
Bogley, Laura Maryland Right to Life INFO INFORMATIONAL.SB732.LauraBogley.MDRTL.pdf JPR
Harris, Mrs. INFO No Testimony JPR
Philip, Diana Coalition to Protect Maryland's Children INFO SB0732 CPMC informational only.pdf JPR
Krone, Christine INFO SB0732_LOI_MDAAP_DJS & MDH - Inpatient Program for JPR
Means, Ronald FAV Virtual - Oral Testimony
Caplan, Jason UNF SB0732 LOO.docx.pdf JPR
Aanenson, Kara DJS UNF DJS Opposition JPR
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-27-2024 at 643 PM JPR
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