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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0743 - Adoption - Access to Birth and Adoption Records and Search, Contact, and Reunion Services

Judicial Proceedings 2/25/2020 12:00:00 PM
As of: 11/30/2021 9:30:53 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Lee, Senator Lee FAV Oral Testimony
Stricker, Susan Maryland Adoptee Rights FAV Oral Testimony
Susie Stricker_FAV_SB743
Klappenberger, Peggy FAV Oral Testimony
Oregon’s adoptee_FAV_SB743
Peggy Klappenberger_Fav_SB743
Maio, Richard FAV Oral Testimony
Richard Maio_Fav_SB743
O'Connor, Kate FAV Oral Testimony
Kate O'Connor_Fav_SB0734
Keys, Deborah FAV Deborah Keys_Fav_SB743 JPR
Djebel, Rachida FAV Rachida Djebel_Fav_SB743 JPR
Lusk, Adrienne FAV Adrienne Lusk_Fav_SB743 JPR
Newman, Mary FAV Mary Newman_Fav_SB743 JPR
Fox, Carol FAV Carol Fox_Fav_SB743 JPR
Nordvik, Melody FAV Melody Nordvik_Fav_SB743 JPR
Treaster, Catherine FAV Catherine Treaster_Fav_SB743 JPR
Hodgson, Shawna FAV American Adoption Congress_Fav_SB743 JPR
Bonsall, Amy FAV Amy Bonsall_Fav_SB743 JPR
Kelch Vincent, Janice FAV Oral Testimony
Janice Vincent_Fav_SB743
Runyon, Katherine FAV Katherine Runyon_Fav_SB743 JPR
Goldberg, Ellen Jane FAV Ellen Jane Goldberg_Fav_SB743 JPR
Mendoza, Stephanie FAV Stephanie Mendoza_Fav_SB743 JPR
Trotter, Michelle FAV Michelle Horrigan Trotter_Fav_SB743 JPR
Collings, Patty FAV Patty Collings_Fav_SB743 JPR
Luxenburg, Robin FAV Robin Luxenburg_Fav_SB743 JPR
Sheffield, Robyn FAV Robyn Sesso Sheffield_Fav_SB743 JPR
Kjellson, Kristin FAV Kristin Kjellson_Fav_SB743 JPR
Bachner, Suzanne FAV Suzanne Bachner_Fav_SB743 JPR
LyBurtis, Margaret FAV Margaret Susan Hoffman LyBurtus_Fav_SB743 JPR
Stephens, Alice FAV Alice Stephens_Fav_SB743 JPR
Kellerman-Bryant, Mary FAV Mary Kellermann-Bryant_Fav_SB743 JPR
Knight, Ben FAV Ben Knight_Fav_SB743 JPR
Kellick, Kristen FAV Kristen Lynn Kellick_Fav_SB743 JPR
Knight, Ed FAV Ed Knight_Fav_SB743 JPR
Taylor, Sant'ea FAV Sant'ea Taylor_Fav_SB743 JPR
Martinez, Simone FAV Simone Martinez_Fav_SB743 JPR
Ritter, Christina FAV Christina Ritter_Fav_SB743 JPR
McGinnis, Jenni FAV Jenni McGinnis_Fav_SB743 JPR
Grubb, Lynn Adoptee Rights Coalition FAV Adoptee Right Coalition al_Fav_SB743 JPR
Birch, Beverly FAV No Testimony JPR
cauman, anne self FAV Oral Testimony
Anne Cauman_FAV_SB743
clausen, linda Access OBC Maryland FAV Oral Testimony
Access Maryland_Fav_SB743
wright, william FAV Oral Testimony
William Wright_FAV_SB743
philip, diana naral pro choice maryland FAV MD NARAL_FAV_SB743 JPR
Luce, Gregory Adoptee Rights Law Center FAV Oral Testimony
PRESTON, LENI ACCESS obc Maryland FAV Oral Testimony
Leni Preston_FAV_SB743
St. Amant, Michelle FAV Michelle Terse St Amant_Fav_SB743 JPR
Pertman, Adam National Center on Adoption and Permanency FAV Adam_Pertman_NCAP_FAV_SB0743 JPR
Greiner, Marley Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization FAV Marley_Greiner_Bastard_Nation_FAV_SB0743 JPR
Shek, Heather MD Dept of Health INFO MD Dept of Health_INFO_SB 743 JPR
Raskin, Rep. Jamie FAV Raskin_FAV_SB743 JPR
Kjellson, Kristin FAV Kristin Kjellson_FAV_SB743 JPR
samuels, elizabeth Access Maryland FAV Oral Testimony
Elizabeth Samuels_FAV_SB743
White, Barbara FAV Oral Testimony
Leni Preston_FAV_SB743
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-25-2020 at 1131 AM JPR
Maio, Richard FAV Maio_FAV_SB743 JPR
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