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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0826 - Handgun Permits – Qualifications – High–Risk Occupations

Judicial Proceedings 3/10/2021 12:00:00 PM
As of: 7/7/2022 3:13:08 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Carozza, Senator Carozza FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Cheakalos, Paul FAV No Testimony JPR
Josselyn, John 2A Maryland INFO SB_826_Background Information and Documentation-T. JPR
Sharpless, Bradford FAV No Testimony JPR
Bowman, Robert FAV No Testimony JPR
Bennardi, Maryland Department of Health /Office of Governmen Maryland Dept. of Health INFO 4 - JPR - SB 826 - BON - LOIWA.pdf JPR
Pennak, Mark Maryland Shall Issue, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony
MSI Testimony on SB 826 risk groups.pdf
Williams, Peggy FAV No Testimony JPR
Britt, Adiena N/A UNF No Testimony JPR
Delbridge, Theodore Maryland Institute for EMS Systems (MIEMSS) INFO SB 826_Handgun Permits_Qualif_High Risk Occupation JPR
Shapiro, Melanie Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence UNF SB826_MNADV_OPP.pdf JPR
Carozza, Senator Mary Beth FWA Oral Testimony
SB 826 amendment.pdf
SB 826 Senator Carozza Written Testimony Final.pdf
Tull, Kimberly Ocean City & Fruitland Volunteer Fire Company FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Borneman, Eric FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Borneman, Eric FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 3-8-2021 at 414 PM JPR
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