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As of: 5/18/2022 2:49:19 AM
Thursday, January 20, 2022
Created: 12/21/2021 7:54 AM
Ways and Means Committee - Briefing
11:00 AM - Zoom / YouTube
Elections Briefing by the State Board of Elections

Created: 1/5/2022 3:24 PM
Ways and Means Committee - Bill Hearing
1:00 PM - Zoom / YouTube
Del Wilson

Public Schools – Expanded American History – Development of Content Standards and Implementation
Del Qi

Education – Educational Interpreter – Certification Requirements
Please Note: Testimony is SPONSOR ONLY.
Del Ruth, et al

Education – Crimes on School Grounds – Application
Please Note: Testimony is SPONSOR ONLY.
Del Bagnall

Anne Arundel County - Board of Education - Meeting Requirements and Officers
Del Bagnall

Commission on Student Behavioral Health and Mental Health Treatment
Del Washington

Public Schools - Student Attendance - Excused Absences for Mental Health Needs
Please Note: Testimony is SPONSOR ONLY.
Del Washington

School Discipline - Data Collection and School Resource Officers
Dels Kerr and Johnson

Education - Public and Nonpublic Schools - Seizure Action Plans (Brynleigh's Act)

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