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As of: 1/20/2022 6:57:14 AM
Thursday, December 16, 2021
Created: 12/16/2021 8:37 AM
Budget and Taxation Committee - Bill Hearing
8:45 AM - West Miller Senate Building, Room 3, Annapolis, MD

OIS Test

No hearings scheduled for today
Joint Committee on Children, Youth, and Families
Created: 12/7/2021 9:45 AM
2:00 PM - Zoom / YouTube
2:08 PM - Zoom / YouTube
Continuing roundtable discussion on child care issues and joint committee recommendations, including voting on recommendations.

Joint Committee on Pensions
Created: 11/17/2021 4:15 PM
2:00 PM - Zoom / YouTube
2:02 PM - Zoom / YouTube
-Investment Overview

Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission
Created: 12/1/2021 4:04 PM
12:00 PM - Zoom / YouTube
Wakely presentation on the actuarial report conducted on the options for implementing Medicaid buy-in programs in Maryland; and
Maryland Health Benefit Exchange briefings on: 1) Maryland Easy Enrollment Program; 2) increasing affordable health insurance coverage and cost-sharing for individuals not eligible for existing programs; and 3) high deductible health plan enrollees, cost impacts, and service utilization.

Maryland Orphans Courts, Task Force to Study
11:00 AM - Virtual Meeting
To view the meeting click here
Meeting to fulfill the mandate of House Bill 681.

Oral Health in Maryland, Task Force on
Created: 7/27/2021 8:28 AM
10:00 AM - Zoom / YouTube
For additional information click here
Meeting of the Task Force on Oral Health in Maryland

School Construction, Interagency Commission on
Created: 11/18/2021 4:07 PM
9:00 PM - Virtual Meeting
9:00 AM - Virtual Meeting
To watch the livestream click here and click on "Stream" under the appropriate date.
Public virtual meeting to discuss normal IAC business and approval of 75% of the Capital Improvement Program.

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