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Floor Actions

House Proceedings No. 21

House Proceedings No. 21


Convened 10:03 A.M., FEBRUARY 6, 2013

Quorum: 126

Introductory Bills

HB 735 - HB 837 First Reading

Message from the Senate - First Reading Senate Bills #7

SB 283
Referred House Rules and Executive Nominations
SB 284
Referred House Rules and Executive Nominations


Speaker's Society Presentations

2013 Speakers' Medallion

John M. Colmers, Vice President of Health Care
Transformation & Strategic Planning for Johns Hopkins

2013 Thomas Kennedy Award

The Honorable Howard P. Rawlings
The Honorable Jean B. Cryor

Casper R. Taylor, Jr. Founder's Award

Delegate Veronica L. Turner of Prince George's County


Quorum: 133

Adjourned 10:52 a.m., until Feb 7, 2013 at 10:00 A.M.

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