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Senate Proceedings No. 13

Senate Proceedings No. 13


Convened 8:02 P.M., JANUARY 28, 2013


Attendance Quorum: 47


Resolution for Detective Julie Pitocchelli for her steadfast

dedication to protecting our vulnerable elder population
Adopted (47-0)

Introductory Bills

SB 386 - SB 427 First Reading

Resolution for Hale Bullen for being the 2012 Class 3A Boys Cross

Country Champion and Coach John Brady for having the most
basketball wins in Maryland History Adopted (47-0)

Resolution for Will Bury, Ethan Greist, Alexander Herbets, Cecilia

Hsu, Rebecca Levy, Evelien Liu, Ethan McComb, Aurora
Quezada and Sarallah Salehi for the 2012 History Day and
Michele Bingham, Curtis George teachers Adopted (47-0)

Committee Report #4 Finance

SB 12
Favorable with Amendments {967174/1 Adopted
Second Reading Passed with Amendments
SB 98
Favorable Adopted Second Reading Passed

Message from the Executive

Appointment nomination of Dominick E. Murray to Secretary
of the Department of Business and Economic Development
Nominations Referred Executive Nominations Committee


Quorum: 47

Adjourned 8:44 p.m., until Jan 29, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. in memory of

Reverend Vernon Dobson, Delegate Christine Jones and
Delegate Hattie Harrison

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