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Senate Agenda for Proceedings No. 8
JANUARY 18, 2013 - Session 1

JANUARY 18, 2013
SB 183 Ch., Budget & Tax Income Tax - Business and Economic Development - Film Production Activity Tax Credit B&T
SB 184 Sen. Raskin Creation of a St Debt - Montgomery Co - Pyramid Atlantic Art Center Space at the Silver Spring Lib B&T
SB 185 Sen. Pugh Public Safety - Emergency Management - Essential Goods and Services FIN
SB 186 Sen. Kasemeyer Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore County - Good Shepherd Center Cooling Tower B&T
SB 187 Sen. Kasemeyer Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore County - Catonsville Historic Hilton Mansion Rehabilitation B&T
SB 188 Sen. Pugh Minority Business Enterprises - Goals and Subgoals EHE
SB 189 Sen. Shank Residential Real Property Sales - Property Tax Disclaimer JPR
SB 190 Sen. Shank State Government - Notary Public - Appointment JPR
SB 191 Sen. King Criminal Law - Theft of Wheeled Cart - Penalty JPR
SB 192 Sen. King Vehicle Laws - Child Safety Seats and Seat Belts - Penalty JPR
SB 193 Sen. King Vehicle Laws - Prohibition on Handheld Telephone Use - Primary Offense if Child Is Passenger JPR
SB 194 Sen. Kelley Ed - Chrtr Schools - Stdy to Recommend Improvements to the Md Public Chrtr School Program EHE
SB 195 Sen. Kelley Hospitals - Notice to Patients - Outpatient Status and Billing Implications FIN
SB 196 Sen. Frosh Register of Wills - Salary JPR
SB 197 Sen. Frosh Maryland Condominium Act - Closed Meetings of Board of Directors JPR
SB 198 Sen. Frosh Estates and Trusts - Family Allowance JPR
SB 199 Sen. Frosh Real Property - Refinance Mortgage - Priority over Junior Liens JPR
SB 200 Sen. Gladden State Govt - Departments and Units of Executive Branch - Heads and Officers - Qualifs EHE
SB 201 Sen. Gladden Md Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2009 - Baltimore City - Roland Park Fire Station Rehab B&T
SB 202 Sen. King Recordation and Transfer Taxes - Transfer of Property Between Related Entities - Exemption B&T
SB 203 Sen. King Incm Tax Cr - Qualified Research and Dev Exps - Cr Amounts and Small Business Refund B&T
SB 204 Sen. Edwards Bow Hunting - Possession of Handguns for Protection EHE
SB 205 Sen. Shank Vehicle Laws - Fleeing or Eluding Police JPR
SB 206 Sen. Forehand Vehicle Laws - Intercounty Connector - Maximum Speed Limit JPR
SB 207 Sen. Brochin Vehicle Laws - Speed Monitoring and Work Zone Speed Control Systems JPR
SB 208 Sen. Dyson Natural Resources Police Force - Number of Officers EHE & B&T
SB 209 Sen. Forehand Creation of a State Debt - Montgomery Co - Rockville Emergency Mgt and Maintenance Facility B&T
SB 210 Sen. Simonaire Elctd Offcls - Cvl Cases - Liab fr Costs, Jdgmnts, and Sttlmnts (Taxpayer Protection Act of 2013) JPR
SB 211 Sen. Shank Natural Resources - Tree Experts - Prohibition EHE
SB 212 Sen. Edwards Vehicle Laws - Registration Plates for Motorcycles - Individuals with Disabilities JPR
SB 213 Sen. Jacobs Emergency Medical Services - Automated External Defibrillators - Immunity from Liability JPR
SB 214 Sen. Jacobs Criminal Law - Part-Time School Employees and Coaches - Sexual Contact with Minors JPR
SB 215 Sen. Forehand Criminal Law - Human Trafficking - Victims Under Age 21 JPR
SB 216 Sen. Glassman Harford County - Correctional Officers' Bill of Rights JPR


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