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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 58

MARCH 27, 2014 - SESSION 1
March 27, 2014
HB 12 Ch, Envir Matters Com Bay Restoration Fund - Authorized Uses - Local Entities
HB 53 Del. Vitale Public Records - Provision of Copies, Printouts, and Photographs - Required
HB 100 Del. Kipke Dental Hygienists - Practice in Long-term Care Facilities - Repeal of Termination Date
HB 102 Ch. Hlth & Govt Ops Procurement Advisory Council - Membership
HB 149 Del. Reznik Council for the Procurement of Health, Educational, and Social Services - Term Limits
HB 154 Del. O'Donnell Natural Resources - Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission - Membership
HB 392 Del. Rudolph Northeastern Maryland Higher Education Advisory Board - Revisions
March 22, 2014
SB 259 Sen. Middleton Agriculture - Easements - Renewable Energy Generation Facilities HRU
SB 266 Baltimore City Senator Maryland Income Tax Refund - Baltimore City - Warrants HRU
SB 469 Sen. Shank Maryland Income Tax Refund - Washington County - Warrants HRU
SB 533 Sen. Edwards Forests and Parks - Public Recreation on Private and State-Owned Land - Off-Highway Vehicles HRU
SB 923 Sen. Raskin Medical Marijuana - Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission HRU
SB 929 Sen. Hershey Commercial Fishing and Seafood Operations - Nuisance Actions - Exemption HRU
SB 997 Sen. Conway Baltimore City Sheriff's Office - Deputy Sheriff Majors - Number of Appointments HRU
SB 1017
(Constitutional Amendment)
Sen. Raskin Chief Executive Officer or County Executive - Special Election to Fill a Vacancy in Office HRU
SB 1034 Sen. Hershey Queen Anne's County Board of Education - Filling a Vacancy in Membership HRU
SB 1075
(Emergency Bill)
Sen. Conway Public Safety - Hotels - Carbon Monoxide Alarms HRU
Distribution Date: March 27, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 27, 2014
Consent Calendar Number: 009 Report Number: 14-017

Favorable Report
SB 161 FAV Sens Conway and Reilly Alcoholic Beverages - Hard Cider - Definition
SB 298 FAV Montgomery County Senators Alcoholic Beverages - Montgomery County - Beer Festivals
SB 300 FAV Montgomery County Senators Montgomery Co - Proportion of Food and Alc Bevs Sales - Class B Lics and Class B-BWL (H-M) Lics
SB 302 FAV Montgomery County Senators Montgomery Co - City of Takoma Park - Alc Bevs - Class B On- and Off-Sale License MC 18-14
SB 305 FAV Montgomery County Senators Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Beer Sales and Delivery to Retail Dealers
SB 310 FAV Montgomery County Senators Montgomery County - Micro-Brewery Licenses and Class D Beer and Light Wine Licenses
SB 311 FAV Montgomery County Senators Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Special BWL Community Performing Arts Facility License
SB 459 FAV Montgomery County Senators Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class B Beer, Wine and Liquor (Clubhouse/Lodge) License
Distribution Date: March 27, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 27, 2014
Report Number: 14-018

Favorable Report
SB 2 FAV Sen Edwards Garrett County - Industrial Wind Energy Conversion Systems - Setback Requirement
SB 53 (Emergency Bill) FAV Sen Middleton, et al Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund - Installment Payment Plan - Clarification
SB 54 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Labor and Employment - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council
SB 75 FWA Sen Madaleno Alcoholic Beverages - Maximum Alcohol Content
SB 97 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Insurance - Public Adjusters - Prohibited Inducements
SB 99 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Insurance - Fraud Violations - Civil and Criminal Actions
SB 100 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Insurance - Premiums and Charges - Review of Administrative Expenses
SB 119 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Workers' Compensation - Subsequent Injury Fund - Billing Address Notification
SB 130 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Commr of Lbr and Indsty & Wrkrs' Comp Comm - Rpts of Accidental Inj or Dsblty - Electronic Sharing
SB 154 FAV Sen Feldman, et al Commercial Law - Interference With Internet Ticket Sales - Prohibition
SB 160 FAV Sen Pugh, et al Commercial Law - Debt Settlement Services - Sunset and Reporting Extension
SB 186 FAV Sen Feldman, et al Clean Energy Loan Programs - Private Lenders - Collection of Loan Payments
SB 292 FAV The Pres (DLS) State Board of Stationary Engineers - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
SB 293 FAV The Pres (DLS) Elevator Safety Review Bd and Div of Labor and Industry - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
SB 297 FAV The Pres (DLS) State Board of Individual Tax Preparers - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
SB 356 FAV Sen Ferguson Public Utilities - Fixed Charges for Taxicab Services - Baltimore City
SB 399 FAV Sen Shank Security Systems Services - Complaint Investigations
SB 583 FAV Sens Kelley and Middleton Financial Instns - Interest Payable on Escrow Accounts and Specific Purpose Savings Accounts
SB 603 FAV Sen DeGrange, et al Econ Dev - Md Technology Dev Corpn - Cybersecurity Investment Fund
SB 624 FAV Sen Feldman Insurance - Title Insurers - Title Insurance Commitment and Binders
SB 713 FAV Sens Feldman and Raskin Corporations and Real Estate Investment Trusts - Miscellaneous Provisions
SB 875 FWA Sens Klausmeier and Feldman Jane E. Lawton Conservation Loan Program
SB 886 FWA Sen Feldman, et al Legal Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland - Conservatorship and Transfer

Unfavorable Report
SB 45 UNF Chr EHE (Dept) Architects, Landscape Architects, and Professional Land Surveyors - Firm Permits
SB 46 UNF Chr EHE (Dept) State Board of Individual Tax Preparers - Prohibited Acts - Civil Penalty
SB 146 UNF Sen Reilly Business and Economic Development - Foreign Trade Zones - Information
SB 197 UNF Sen Pugh, et al Statewide Information Technology Master Plan - Inclusion of Cybersecurity Framework - Requirement
Distribution Date: March 27, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 27, 2014
Report Number: 14-014

Favorable Report
HB 1472 FWA Del Fraser-Hidalgo, et al Agriculture - Industrial Hemp - Pilot Program
SB 3 FAV Sens Jacobs and Simonaire Vehicle Laws - Operation of Vehicle When Approaching a Tow Truck
SB 26 FAV Chr JPR (Dept) Motor Vehicles - Commercial Instructional Permit Holders - Administrative Penalties and Procedures
SB 33 FAV Chr JPR (Dept) Vehicle Laws - Rules of the Road - Use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes
SB 70 FAV Chr EHE (Dept) Agriculture - Fertilizer - Labeling and Restrictions on Use and Sale
SB 71 FAV Chr EHE (Dept) Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation - Value of Easement
SB 127 FWA Chr EHE (Dept) Department of Agriculture - Manure Transportation Project
SB 221 (Emergency Bill) FWA Sen Middleton Farm Area Motor Vehicles - Registration and Authorized Use
SB 389 FAV Sen Robey Motor Vehicles - Inspection Certificates for Used Vehicles - Procedures
SB 771 FWA Sen Robey, et al Motor Vehicles - Exceptional Milk Hauling Permit - Establishment

Withdrawn by sponsor
HB 945 UNF Cecil County Delegation Sewage Sludge - Permit Applications and Public Hearings - Notification Requirements
HB 1402 UNF Del Stein Agricultural Transfer Tax - Distribution to Mel Noland Woodland Incentives Fund

Unfavorable Report
HB 576 UNF Del Fisher, et al Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preserv Act of 2012 - Diminution in Val of Real Prop - Comp
HB 1010 UNF Del Dwyer Agriculture - Production and Sale of Industrial Hemp
HB 1392 UNF Del Waldstreicher Maryland Wholesome Meat Act - Prohibitions - Equines and Equine Meat
Distribution Date: March 26, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 26, 2014
Consent Calendar Number: 010 Report Number: 14-015

Rereferred Report
HB 1512 TO ECM Dels McDermott and Conway Worcester County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses
HB 1535 TO ECM Dels McDermott and Conway Worcester County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Town of Berlin
SB 232 TO ECM Sen Stone, et al Procurement - Prevailing Wage - Applicability
SB 299 TO JUD Montgomery County Senators Montgomery County - Maryland Tort Claims Act - Human Services Torts
SB 314 TO HGO Sen Pugh, et al Health Occupations - State Board of Physicians - Naturopathic Doctors
SB 345 TO ENV Sens Muse and Young Real Property - Residential Leases - Interest on Security Deposits
SB 348 TO JUD Sen Manno Texting While Driving - Accidents Resulting in Death or Serious Injury - Penalties
SB 350 TO ENV Sen Brochin, et al Speed Monitoring Systems Reform Act of 2014
SB 374 TO W&M Sen Currie, et al State Lottery - Online Ticket Sales - Moratorium
SB 486 TO W&M Sens Manno and Middleton Income Tax Credit - Endow Maryland
SB 515 TO JUD Sen Gladden, et al Juvenile Law - Transfer of Cases to Juvenile Court
SB 521 TO ECM Sen Pinsky, et al Poultry Litter Energy-Generating Cooperative Program
SB 592 TO HGO Sen Jones-Rodwell, et al Workgroup on Workforce Development for Community Health Workers
SB 596 TO W&M Sen Peters, et al Income Tax Subtraction Modification - Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief - Extension
SB 602 TO W&M The Pres, et al Maryland Estate Tax - Unified Credit
SB 665 TO APP Sen Edwards, et al Correctional Officers' Retirement System - Membership
SB 670 TO W&M Sen Middleton Income Tax Credit - Qualified Farms - Gleaning
SB 685 TO JUD Sen Zirkin Family Law - Child Abuse and Neglect - Provision of Information to Health Care Practitioners
SB 694 TO HGO Sen Klausmeier, et al Health Occupations - Maryland Behavior Analysts Act
SB 698 TO JUD Sen Shank, et al Criminal Procedure - Electronic Device Location Information - Order
SB 706 TO ENV Sen Benson, et al Environment - Permit Determinations - Cumulative Impact Assessments
SB 708 TO ENV Sen Raskin, et al Civil Actns - Statute of Lims for Crtn Specialties and Motion for Crtn Deficiency Judgts
SB 737 TO ECM Sen Pugh, et al Labor and Employment - Unpaid Parental Leave - Birth or Adoption of a Child
SB 796 TO APP Sen Madaleno, et al Human Services - Interagency Council on Homelessness
SB 800 TO ENV Sen Ramirez, et al Landlord and Tenant - Retaliatory Actions - Timing of Prohibited Actions
SB 813 TO ENV Sen Raskin, et al Motor Vehicle Administration - Drivers' Licenses and Identification Cards - Organ Donor Designation
SB 818 TO JUD Sen Forehand, et al State Government - Human Trafficking Address Confidentiality Program
SB 830 TO JUD Sen Forehand Criminal Procedure - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board - Child Abuse Victims
SB 850 TO ENV Sen Conway Real Property - Prohibition on Acquiring Mortgages or Deeds of Trust by Condemnation
SB 860 TO JUD Sen Gladden, et al Public Safety - Eyewitness Identification - Procedures
SB 874 TO HGO Sen Klausmeier, et al Health Insurance - Specialty Drugs
SB 884 TO HGO Sen Pugh, et al Health Insurance - Incentives for Health Care Practitioners
SB 889 TO ECM Sens Jennings and Glassman Northeastern Maryland Additive Manufacturing Innovation Authority
SB 892 (Emergency Bill) TO W&M Sen Middleton Maryland Estate Tax - Transfer of Qualified Agricultural Property by a Qualified Recipient
SB 899 TO W&M Sen Hershey Kent County - Gaming - Permits
SB 908 TO ENV Sen Manno, et al Electric Vehicles and Recharging Equipment - Rebates and Tax Credits
SB 922 TO JUD Sen Stone Crime Victim and Crime Victim's Representative - Electronic Notification
SB 939 TO APP Sen Shank State Ret and Pension System - Service Credit for Leave of Absence - Extension of Purchase Period
SB 952 TO HGO Sen Astle Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Pharmacy Contracts - Maximum Allowable Cost Pricing
SB 977 TO ECM Sen Feldman Property and Casualty Insurance - Notices - Use of First-Class Mail Tracking Methods
SB 981 TO W&M Sen Jennings Baltimore County - Property Tax Credit - Homes Near a Refuse Disposal System
SB 985 TO ECM Sen Frosh Maryland Clean Energy Center - Green Banks and Clean Bank Financing - Study
SB 988 TO W&M Sen Pugh State Department of Education - Assessment Report for Broadband Capabilities in Public Schools
SB 999 TO ECM Sen Pugh Insurance - Reinsurance - Certification of Reinsurers
SB 1015 TO ECM Sen Astle Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Tasting Licenses
SB 1033 TO ECM Sens Brinkley and Young Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Wine Sampling or Tasting
SB 1040 TO HGO Sen Middleton Maryland Community Health Resources Commission - Sunset Extension
SB 1053 TO ENV Sen Glassman Maryland Building Performance Standards - Energy Codes - Local Authority
SB 1070 TO W&M Sen DeGrange, et al Income Tax - Subtraction Modif - Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services Mbrs
SB 1079 TO ECM Sen Mathias Worcester County - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses
SB 1082 TO APP Sen Madaleno, et al State Reformed Contributory Employees' and Teachers' Pension Syss - Prior Eligibility Service
SB 1091 TO ECM Sen Klausmeier, et al Financial Institutions - Registered Mortgage Loan Originators - Expedited Licenses
SB 1095 (Emergency Bill) TO ENV Sen Frosh Real Property - Ground Rents
Distribution Date: March 27, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 27, 2014
Consent Calendar Number: 011 Report Number: 14-016

Rereferred Report
HB 1490 TO ECM St. Mary's County Delegation St. Mary's County - Leonardtown - Alcoholic Beverages - Special Art Establishment License
March 22, 2014
HB 1522 Del. Reznik Residential Child Care Programs - Statement of Need - Exception for Temporary Relocation HGO
March 22, 2014
SB 170
The President Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2015) APP
SB 172
The President Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2014 APP
March 22, 2014
SB 96 Ch., Finance Com. Hlth Ins - Conformity With and Impl of the Fed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act HGO
SB 98 Ch., Finance Com. Health Insurance - Medicare Marketing Rules HGO
SB 102
Chair, EHE Com. Health - Use of Alternate Care Sites During a State of Emergency - Authorization HGO
SB 123 Ch., Budget & Tax Major Information Technology Development Project Fund - Revenue Sources and Authorized Expenditures HGO
SB 338 The President Public Safety - Statewide Interoperability Radio Control Board - Established HGO & APP
SB 849
Sen. Conway St Bd of Nsg - Nurses, Nsg Assists, Med Techs, & Elctrlgsts - Licnsng, Certfn, Reg, Viols, & Pens HGO
March 22, 2014
SB 212 Sen. Madaleno Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014 HGO
March 27, 2014

HB 476 Calendar 13 Frederick County - Payment of Wages

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March 28, 2014 10:51 A.M.
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