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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 25

Judiciary Committee Report No. 1
Distribution Date: February 15, 2016
Second Reading Date: February 16, 2016
HB 76
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
Department of State Police - Investigation Authority
HB 77
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
Family Law - Missing Children - Reporting Requirements and Repeal of Advisory Council
HB 78
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
State Fire Marshal - Reporting Requirements - Repeal
HB 121
Favorable Delegate Carozza
Criminal Law - False Statement Concerning Destructive Device or Toxic Material - Venue
HB 177
Favorable Delegate Bromwell
Criminal Law - Prohibition on Marking Flags - Repeal
HB 183
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Valentino-Smith
Criminal Law - Smoking Marijuana in Public and in Vehicles - Prohibition
HB 191
Favorable Delegate Dumais
Child Support - Adjusted Actual Income - Multifamily Adjustment
HB 192
Favorable Chair, Judiciary Committee
Juvenile Causes - Permanency Plans - Age Restrictions on Use of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
HB 448
(Constitutional Amendment)
To Judiciary/Ways and Means Delegate Sydnor
Circuit Court Judges - Selection, Qualifications, and Term of Office
HB 7
Unfavorable Delegate Sophocleus
Family Law - Child Abuse and Neglect - Expungement of Reports and Records - Time Period
HB 16
Unfavorable Delegate Metzgar
Marriage - Religious Organizations - Protections
HB 95
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Criminal Procedure - Life Without Parole - Repeal of Sentencing Proceeding
HB 101
Unfavorable Delegate Howard, C.
Criminal Law - Human Trafficking and Related Crimes - Penalties
HB 219
Unfavorable Delegate Aumann
Criminal Law - Human Trafficking - Adult Victim - Penalty
HB 239
Unfavorable Delegate Sydnor
Baltimore County Police Officers - Body-Worn Cameras
HB 247
Unfavorable Cecil County Delegation
Cecil County - Community Adult Rehabilitation Center - Appointment and Removal of Assistant Director
HB 310
Unfavorable Delegate Dumais
Divorce - Separation Agreement - Corroboration of Testimony
HB 573
Unfavorable Delegate Clippinger
Possession of Loaded Handgun or Regulated Firearm - Enhanced Penalties
HB 811
Unfavorable Delegate Morales
Juvenile Services - Child Victims of Human Trafficking
HB 4
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, A.
Criminal Procedure - Domestic Violence - Active Electronic Monitoring (Amber's Law)
HB 6
Unfavorable Delegate Young, K.
Criminal Law - Improper Prescription of Controlled Dangerous Substance Resulting in Death
HB 12
Unfavorable Delegate Wivell
Criminal Law - Impersonating a Member of the Military - Penalties
HB 34
Unfavorable Delegate Cassilly
Criminal Law - Illegal Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance Near Methadone Clinic - Penalties
HB 68
Unfavorable Delegate Simonaire
Criminal Law - Impersonating a Military Member - Penalties (Stolen Valor Act of 2016)
HB 81
Unfavorable Delegate Conaway
Criminal Procedure - Cameras in the Courtroom - Criminal Sentencing Hearings
HB 94
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Criminal Law - Child Abuse Resulting in Death - Life Imprisonment
HB 97
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Crimes - Solicitation to Commit Murder or Arson - Statute of Limitations
HB 100
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Criminal Law - Crimes Against Property - Trespass to a Vehicle
HB 196
Unfavorable Delegate Haynes
Juveniles - Pretrial Detention - Confinement in Juvenile Facilities
February 11, 2016
Calendar of Third Reading House Bills No. 4
To Be Taken Up On February 12, 2016
HB 70
Delegate Luedtke
Economic Matters
Business Regulation - Billiard Table License - Repeal
HB 140
Economic Matters
Security Systems Technicians and Agencies - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
HB 249
Delegate Smith
Economic Matters
Members of the National Guard - Employment and Reemployment Rights - Enforcement
HB 306
Delegate Smith
Economic Matters
Labor and Employment - Hiring and Promotion Preferences - Veterans and Their Spouses
HB 354
Delegate Kramer
Economic Matters
Corporations and Real Estate Investment Trusts - Directors and Trustees - Duties and Immunity From Liability
February 15, 2016
Calendar of Third Reading House Bills No. 5
To Be Taken Up On February 16, 2016
HB 290
Delegate McCray
Economic Matters
Labor and Employment - Apprenticeship Career Training in Our Neighborhoods (ACTION) Program - Establishment

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