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Statutes Text

Article - Election Law


    (a)    To qualify as a page, an individual must:

        (1)    be at least 14 years old;

        (2)    apply to the local board in the individual’s county of residence;

        (3)    be available to work at least one full 4–hour shift on election day; and

        (4)    complete the required training before election day.

    (b)    A page may not:

        (1)    engage in any partisan activity while working at a polling place; or

        (2)    handle or touch a marked ballot at any time.

    (c)    A page may work up to two 4–hour shifts at a polling place on election day.

    (d)    Each page shall:

        (1)    serve under the direct supervision of the chief election judges for the assigned polling place; and

        (2)    assist election judges with election day duties, as directed.

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