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Statutes Affected - Baltimore City - (l4)

Section Bill Action Bill Number
9-3 amended HB0523
9-5 amended HB0523
9-2 added HB1070
9-2 amended HB0049
9-2 repealed HB1070
9-3 added HB1070
9-3 repealed HB1070
9-5 (a) amended HB0049
16-2 (a) amended SB0237, SB0786, HB0707, HB1027
16-3 amended SB0237, SB0786, HB0707, HB1027
16-10 (c) amended SB0752, HB1316
16-41 (a) without amendments SB0276
16-41 (g) amended SB0276
16-41 (a) without amendments HB0336, HB1284
16-41 (g) amended HB0336, HB1284
Last Updated: 4/1/2021 6:44 PM
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