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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0001 - Congressional Districting Plan

Rules and Executive Nominations 12/6/2021 12:30:00 PM
Reapportionment and Redistricting 12/8/2021 9:30:00 AM
As of: 5/24/2022 2:08:22 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Speaker, Speaker FAV Oral Testimony HRU
Gorrell, Howard UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Shapiro, Stephen FWA Oral Testimony
Rev. 1 - Map.pdf
Rev. 1 - Partisan and Racial Statistics.pdf
Rev. 2 - Map.pdf
Rev. 2 - Partisan and Racial Statistics.pdf
Testimony Joint Hearing.pdf
Gingery, Montgomery UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Elliott, Richard DeShay Prince George's County Young Democrats INFO Oral Testimony
Legislative Testimony HB001.pdf
Marr, Hannah UNF Oral Testimony
Antoine, Joanne Common Cause Maryland INFO Oral Testimony HRU
Harvey, April MD-06 Constituent UNF No Testimony HRU
Griffiths, Brian UNF HB2_Legislative Redistricting_20211202.pdf HRU
OBrien, Megan FAV Oral Testimony HRU
Waterman, Diana MFRW UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Pasquarella, Richard UNF No Testimony HRU
Borelli, Francis UNF Borelli-Redistricting-Letter-MGA.pdf HRU
Spicher, curt Spichers Appliance UNF No Testimony HRU
Norris, Kathleen UNF No Testimony HRU
Polites, George UNF To the Members of the Maryland General Assembly.pd HRU
Shipley, Daisy UNF Partisan district map.pdf HRU
Warthen, Robert UNF No Testimony HRU
Graham, Jeffrey UNF No Testimony HRU
Lozoskie, Debra UNF No Testimony HRU
Colburn, Michael Convention of States UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Glorioso, Nick UNF No Testimony HRU
Schlette, Christopher UNF No Testimony HRU
Kemp Docksteader, Karen UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Plante, Martin Retired UNF No Testimony HRU
Geddes, Holly Kent County GOP UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Bennett, Nicole UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Weed, David UNF HB0001.pdf HRU
Harvatine, Francis Self UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Lautman, mark UNF testimony_for_hb0001_2.pdf HRU
Linantud, Mary UNF No Testimony HRU
Longley, Francis UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Bytnar, Pat UNF No Testimony HRU
Dugan, Patrick UNF Oral Testimony HRU
McQueen Sr, James UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Miles, Raymond UNF Unfavorable.pdf HRU
Rutherford, Anne UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Cason, Jen UNF No Testimony HRU
Mespelli, Denise UNF Maryland map testimony.pdf HRU
De Veaux, Margarethe UNF Oral Testimony HRU
MULLICAN, Brigitta Private UNF Oral Testimony HRU
SARGENT, ROBBIE UNF HB0001 Witness Statement.pdf HRU
McDade, Joann UNF No Testimony HRU
Ennis, Ella UNF Oral Testimony
HB 01-SB-01 - Cong. Districts - Oppose.pdf
Drew, Nicole FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Wilson, Seth UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Sundell, Paul Anne Arundel County Resident UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Cero, Thomas UNF No Testimony HRU
McCowin, Gayle Convention of States UNF redistricting testimony 2022.pdf HRU
King, Steven UNF No Testimony HRU
Hutchinson, Deborah UNF No Testimony HRU
Nalley, Justin INFO HB 1_Redistricting_ACLUMD_Nalley.pdf HRU
Shenton, Kristopher UNF No Testimony HRU
Rey, Deborah UNF Oral Testimony HRU
CARRICK, SHARON UNF HB0001 HB0002 SCarrick 12-03-21.pdf HRU
Butler, Diane UNF No on legislative maps.pdf HRU
Dodd, Michael UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Fairbanks, Mary UNF No Testimony HRU
O'Connell, William MSBA Real Property Section Counsel INFO Oral Testimony HRU
Garahy, Janice UNF I believe, that once again, gerrymandered redistri HRU
King, Constance UNF No Testimony HRU
Bosse, Louis UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Hutchinson, Ronald UNF No Testimony HRU
Leazer, David UNF MD_HB0001.pdf HRU
Jenkins, Jonthan Committee to Elect Jonathan Jenkins INFO Oral Testimony HRU
Hunt, Christine UNF Redistricting_maps_testimony.pdf HRU
Waters, Andrew UNF No Testimony HRU
Valentin-Ruiz, Jesus UNF Maryland Redistricting testification-Jesus Valenti HRU
Dixon, Cathy FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Finn, Marnette FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Rieth, Daniel No UNF No Testimony HRU
Krause, Audrey UNF No Testimony HRU
wetzel, rosie UNF No Testimony HRU
Nkongolo, LaToya UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Samuel, William UNF Testimony on Congr Redistricting Leg Comm 2021-12- HRU
Zheng, Yin UNF Testimony 120621_Yin Zheng.pdf HRU
Ellis, Melissa UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Pegg, Garrett UNF No Testimony HRU
Patel, Deepa FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Southall, Joseph UNF Oral Testimony HRU
LEAHY, AMY UNF Leahy Maps Testimony.pdf HRU
Messina, John UNF No Testimony HRU
Miller, Louise Citizen FWA Oral Testimony HRU
mcavoy, vince UNF No Testimony HRU
Kyriacou, Nick FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Olsen, Heather UNF Oral Testimony
Heather Olsen testimony.pdf
Angelucci, Rebecca UNF No Testimony HRU
Murphy, WestbrookStat FWA Oral Testimony
Congressional redistricitng.pdf
Gerarden, Jay Self, Maryland Resident (Howard County), U.S. Citizen UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Fallon, Patricia UNF Congressional Redestricting Map HB0001.pdf HRU
Anderton, Cynthia FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Mason, Patrick UNF No Testimony HRU
Sawyer, Kennneth ABATE of Maryland, Inc. UNF No Testimony HRU
Ritter, Clare UNF HB0001.pdf HRU
Detmer, Michael UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Wiles, Sandra UNF No Testimony HRU
Lucianetti, stephen UNF District Plan 2021.pdf HRU
Athreya, Bama Diversity Matters INFO Oral Testimony
Letter to Maryland State Legislature Dec 2021.pdf
Reynolds, Todd FAV AFTMD-HB1-SUPPORT.pdf HRU
Loveless, Jeffrey BFMD, LLC UNF No Testimony HRU
Flora, Rebecca FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Schaerr, Martha UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Feldman, Joel End Distracted Driving FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Kwan, Quon Self UNF Opposition to HB0001.pdf HRU
Patterson, John FAV Oral Testimony HRU
Borys, Robert UNF No Testimony HRU
Cerreta, Terry Home UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Mohammed, Mekkah Baltimore City Republican Central Committee UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Berger, Brian UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Kwan, Rebecca UNF HB0001 and HB 0002.pdf HRU
Brooke, Lauren UNF No Testimony HRU
Dellarose, Stacey UNF No Testimony HRU
Zie, Weiyu None UNF redistricting .pdf HRU
Leytush, Olga UNF No Testimony HRU
Johnson, Lynn UNF No Testimony HRU
Guhl, Henry UNF Untitled document - Google Docs.pdf HRU
Salazar, Josephine UNF Oral Testimony
Testimony 120621_Josephine Salazar.pdf
Shank, Bobbie UNF No Testimony HRU
Kronser, Lori Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability INFO Redistricting testimony.pdf HRU
finn, joseph Self FWA Oral Testimony
Redistricting Testimony.pdf
Jett, Curt UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Comninos, Georgio UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Walsh, Diane UNF No Testimony HRU
Garber, Daniel UNF No Testimony HRU
Boyce, Eric UNF No Testimony HRU
White, Anne UNF Oral Testimony
Davis, Michael UNF Oral Testimony
HB0001 Testimony - Michael W. Davis.pdf
Martin, Mayer FWA Oral Testimony
Testimony HB0001 Congressional Districting Plan.pd
Liu, Lili UNF Support SB02 HB02 Letter .pdf HRU
Wang, Yimei UNF ??.pdf HRU
Jumalon, Jennifer UNF Testimony HB 0001.pdf HRU
Stearns, Sierra FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Gallardo, Justin UNF No Testimony HRU
Katz, Janet UNF JK Maps Testimony Against 1.pdf HRU
Potochney, Lisa UNF No Testimony HRU
Decker, Russell UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Laws, Julia UNF No Testimony HRU
Roman, Jennifer INFO HB0001 Testimony .pdf HRU
Waychoff, Amy UNF HB 0001 Redistricting in Maryland Written Testimon HRU
Picarella, Stacy UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Kerr, Patrick UNF No Testimony HRU
Wagner, Aaron FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Watkins, Stanley FWA Oral Testimony HRU
Gish, Sharon UNF No Testimony HRU
Padgett, Michael UNF No Testimony HRU
Norman, Janet UNF Oral Testimony HRU
Antonie, Joane Common Cause MD INFO Written testimony - informational - Common Cause M HRU
Hufnagel, Beth League of Women Voters UNF No Testimony HRU
Hufnagel, Beth League of Women Voters UNF HB1 Testimony from League of Women Voters of Maryl HRU
Speaker, Speaker FAV Oral Testimony RRD
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