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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0415 - Operating Budget - Funding - Scholarships for Nonpublic School Students

Appropriations 3/1/2022 1:00:00 PM
As of: 8/15/2022 6:47:06 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Speaker, Speaker FAV Oral Testimony APP
Zwerling, Samantha Maryland State Education Association UNF Oral Testimony
Jankowski, Gail UNF Opposition to BOOST .pdf APP
cassilly, andrew Governors Office FAV Oral Testimony APP
Giordano, Hassan Parent FAV Oral Testimony
Testimony IN FAVOR of House Bill 415.pdf
Hybl, Lois UNF 3-1 CROSSOVER HB 415 Operating Budget - Funding - APP
Woolums, John Maryland Assn. of Boards of Education UNF Oral Testimony
HB 415.Scholarship Funding for Nonpublic School St
Miicke , Sarah FAV HB415 FAV BJC BOOST.pdf APP
London, Rachel Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council INFO HB415.DRM.MDDC.LOI.pdf APP
Howard County, Staff Board of Education of Howard County UNF HB0415 Howard Co BOE Testimony 030122 for APPRO - APP
Sadwin, Chana FAV AIMD Testimony - HB 415 - BOOST.pdf APP
Sadwin, Ariel FAV MDCAPE Testimony- HB 415 BOOST 2022.pdf APP
Sadwin, Ariel FAV Oral Testimony APP
O'Day, Garrett Maryland Catholic Conference FAV MD Catholic Conference_FAV_HB 415.pdf APP
Watson, Dr. Angela JHU FAV Oral Testimony
HB 415 - BOOST - Angela Watson_FAV.pdf
Ortiz, Jeanette AACPS UNF HB415 BOOST 3.1.22.pdf APP
Vogtman, Erin and Hattie parent FAV Oral Testimony APP
Jones, Tiffany Bishop McNamara High School FAV Oral Testimony APP
Jones, Riyan Morgan State FAV Oral Testimony APP
Hall, Kerri Parent FAV Oral Testimony APP
Morales, Magaly St. John -Clinton FAV Oral Testimony APP
Brown, Guillermo Archbishop Borders School FAV Oral Testimony APP
Zelada, Dina Parent ABB School FAV Oral Testimony APP
Schumitz, Kali Maryland Center on Economic Policy UNF HB415_MD Center on Economic Policy_UNF.pdf APP
Tates, Marjorie Parent FAV Oral Testimony APP
Goldstein, Mathew Secular Maryland UNF HB 415_mgoldstein-unfav 2022.pdf APP
Vernon, Michael FAV No Testimony APP
Fannon, Mary Pat UNF HB 415 BOOST oppose PSSAM.doc.pdf APP
Fothergill, Sue UNF MEC Testimony-HB415-Funding-Scholarships for nonpu APP
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