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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0172 - Maryland Health Equity Resource Act

Budget and Taxation 1/27/2021 1:00:00 PM
As of: 12/6/2021 3:38:48 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Hayes, Senator Hayes FAV No Testimony B&T
Loughlin, Terry Carey Distributors UNF Oral Testimony B&T
Boiman, Tiffany Montgomery County Commission for Women FAV Letter of Support CFW Health Equity Resource Act.d B&T
Hudson, Lee Delaware-Maryland Synod, ELCA FAV sb172 health equity 1-27-21.pdf B&T
Fadely , Diane MD Episcopal Public Policy Network FAV SB172HealthBillTestm1-25-21docx.pdf B&T
Diamond, Joanna Health Care for the Homeless FAV Health Care for the Homeless - SB 172 FAV - Maryla B&T
DeMarco, Vincent FAV Oral Testimony
SB 172 MCHI Support Testimony 27JAN21.pdf
Peterson, Matt FAV SB172 - Health Equity.pdf B&T
Weimert, Frederick Central Maryland Ecumenical Council FAV CMEC Testimony Health Equity Resourse Act[1652] - B&T
Krieger, Betsy Be the Change Bmore FAV TESTIMONY OF BETSY KRIEGER.pdf B&T
Fry, Donald Greater Baltimore Committee FAV SB0172--01.27.21--Maryland Health Equity Resource B&T
O'Connor, Monica CCAN FAV Maryland Health Equity Resource Act.pdf B&T
Young, Lauren Disability Rights Maryland FAV Health Equity Resource communities SB 0172 testimo B&T
Sperlein, Joan Baltimore City Substance Abuse Directorate FAV Directorate Support letter Health Equity.pdf B&T
Rivkin, Deborah CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield FAV CareFirst Testimony in Support of SB 172.pdf B&T
Mitchell, Molly FAV MD CollabTestimony in favor of SB 172 Final 1.25.2 B&T
mcavoy, vince UNF Oral Testimony B&T
Hayes, Antonio FAV Oral Testimony
Maryland Health Equity Resource Act Testimony .pdf
Rosen-Cohen, Nancy NCADD-Maryland FAV NCADD-MD - SB 172 FAV - Health Equity Resources Ac B&T
Taylor, Allison Kaiser Permanente FWA Oral Testimony
SB172_Health Equity Resource Communities_SWA 1-27-
Bennardi, Maryland Department of Health /Office of Governmen Maryland Dept. of Health FWA 3. B&T - SB 172 - Maryland Health Equity Act- MDH B&T
Quinlan, Margo Mental Health Association of Maryland FAV SB0172 Maryland Health Equity Resource Act_MHAMD S B&T
Adams, MD, Joseph Maryland-DC Society of Addiction Medicine FAV MDDCSAM - SB 172 FAV - Community Health Resources B&T
Conner, Charles Office of the Baltimore County Executive FAV BaltimoreCounty_FAV_SB0172.pdf B&T
Brocato, Barbara FWA APTA MD - Support with amendment - SB172 - Health
MAND SB 172 - Maryland Health Equity Resource Act
Baron, Peter Anne Arundel County FAV Anne Arundel County_FAV_SB172.pdf B&T
Black, Ashley Public Justice Center FAV PJC_Support_SB 172.pdf B&T
Morgan, Jessica Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women (MLAW) FAV SB172 - MLAW Testimony.pdf B&T
Colchamiro, Eric Alzheimers Association FAV SB172_FAV_AlzheimersAssociationMD.pdf B&T
Bresnahan, Tammy FAV SB 172 MD Health Equity Resource.pdf B&T
Bailey, Michael FAV No Testimony B&T
Truong, Hieu Baltimore Asian Resistance in Solidarity FAV No Testimony B&T
Hale, Laura American Heart Association FAV Final Testimony 2021 SB 172 Support Health Equity B&T
Elliott, Robyn FWA 2021 MCHS SB 172 Senate Side.pdf B&T
Purnell, Vanessa FAV SB 172 - Maryland Health Equity Resource Act - Med B&T
Bayless, Victoria Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center FAV Oral Testimony
1- Luminis Health- SB 172- Maryland Health Equity
2- Health Affairs - Primary Care Where Everybody K
3- DEIL Scorecard AAMC FY20.pdf
4- AHA 2019 Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity.pdf
5- Health Equity Report- FY19_AAMC-Luminis.pdf
6- MHA CCQI- DEI Strategy Presentation.pdf
7- Nova Awards 2018.pdf
8- Sickle Cell Conference Inequity of Care 10.28.2
Douglas, Bob Licensed Beverage Distributors of Maryland UNF HPSCAN_20210125173140768_2021-01-25_173325747.pdf
Ransom, Gene MedChi, The Maryland State Med FAV SB0172_FAV_MedChi_MD Health Equity Resource Act.pd B&T
Alsobrooks, Angela Prince George's County Executive FAV SB 172 - PGCEX - Support.pdf B&T
Ashkin, Howard MedMark Treatment Centers FAV MATOD - SB 172 FAV - Health Equity Resource Act.pd B&T
Harting, Marta Venable UNF 2021 SB 172 Tax Increase testimony_.pdf B&T
Escobar, George FAV CASA_FAV_SB172.pdf B&T
Orosz, Samantha Maryland Rural Health Association FAV MRHA SB172 - Maryland Health Equity Resource Act.p B&T
Jarrell, President Bruce FAV SB 172 MD Health Equity Resource Act- Dr.J B-T and B&T
Blalock, Isabel FAV SB0172 MD NARAL SUPPORT.pdf B&T
Celentano, Matthew Funk & Bolton, P.A. FAV SB_172_League_Support_2021.pdf B&T
Rosenthal, Fred Jasper's Restaurant UNF Oral Testimony B&T
Wilson Randall, Claudia FAV CDN SB172 FAVORABLE.pdf B&T
Faulkner, Rachael Public Policy Partners FAV 2021 NASW SB 172 Senate Side.pdf B&T
Owusu-Acheaw, Pokuaa Maryland State Education Association FAV SB 172 SUPP Healthcare Resource Equity Act 1.27.21 B&T
Honesto, Meghan Anne Arundel County Commission for Women FAV No Testimony B&T
Milani, Jack Md State Licensed Beverage Association UNF Oral Testimony
SB0172_UNF_MSLBA_Maryland Health Equity Resource A
Egan, Ashley UULM-MD FAV Support-SB 172_ Health Equity Resource Act- UULM-M B&T
Schumitz, Kali Maryland Center on Economic Policy FAV SB 172_MDCEP_FAV.pdf B&T
O'Halloran, Mike UNF NFIB - Maryland Health Equity Resource Act - SB172 B&T
Stevenson, Christopher 1199SEIU FAV Testimony-SB172-MD Health Equity Resource Act.pdf B&T
Bogley, Laura Maryland Right to Life UNF SB172.UNFAVORABLE.MDRTL.LBogley.pdf B&T
Hoban, Nora Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers FAV SB0172_FAV_MACHC_MD Health Equity Resource Act.pdf B&T
Hafey, Elizabeth Johns Hopkins University and Medicine FAV Johns Hopkins - SB 172 Maryland Health Equity Reso B&T
Eck, Raimee Maryland Public Health Association FAV SB172-HERCs-MdPHA_testimony2021-FNL.pdf B&T
Scott, Brandon Baltimore City Administration FAV BCA_FAV_SB172.pdf B&T
Koul, Michelle FAV SB172KoulHealthEquity Testimony.pdf B&T
Spencer, Michelle Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health FAV Oral Testimony
Health Enterprise Zone Study.pdf
M. Spencer - Testimony - SB 172 Health Equity Reso
Kinnally, Kevin Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) FAV Oral Testimony
Stallings, Nicole Maryland Hospital Association FAV Oral Testimony
2- MHA Racial Equity Commitment.pdf
3- Paving the Way to Health Equity_Infographic.pdf
SB 172- Maryland Health Equity Resource Communitie
Frey, Leslie Montgomery County FAV SB172 - MoCo - (GA2021) Support.pdf B&T
Raznick, Josh Progressive Maryland FAV Testimony for Senate T and B Comm SB 172 Health Eq B&T
Mehu, Natasha Mayor's Office of Government Relations FAV SB 172 (BCHD - Favorable).pdf B&T
O'Connor, Patricia Maryland Office of the Attorney General, Health Education and Advocacy Unit (HEAU) FAV SB0172_Support__Attorney General.pdf B&T
DeMattos, Joseph Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) FAV HFAM Testimony SB 172 Final.pdf B&T
Cyphers, Moira Compass Government Relations FAV 2021 SB 171 NAMI-FAV.pdf B&T
SB 172- Windon testimony-01-27-21 (2).pdf
Commission for Women, Anne Arundel County Anne Arundel County Commission for Women FAV AACCW_SUPPORT_SB172.pdf B&T
Norton, Ruth Ann Green & Healthy Homes Initiative FAV Oral Testimony
GHHI Written Testimony - SB172.pdf
Carter, Catherine FAV Oral Testimony
SB0172 Health Equity.pdf
Ashley-Williams, Wandra FAV Testimony - Healthcare Bill SB 172.pdf B&T
Conner, Sandra Baptist Ministers' Night Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity FAV sb172.pdf B&T
King, Roxann American Association of University Women of Maryland (AAUW MD) FAV SB 172 from AAUW MD.pdf B&T
Atticks, Kevin UNF SB172-OpposeTax.pdf B&T
Wilkerson, Alice Strong Future Maryland FAV sB172_Strongfuturemaryland_FAV.pdf B&T
Ball, Calvin County Executive, Howard Co. FAV Cball_2021- SB 172 Health Equity Statement_Final B&T
Testimony, All N/A No Testimony B&T
Testimony, All N/A No Testimony B&T
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-2-2021 at 305 PM B&T
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