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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0452 - Courts - Prohibited Liability Agreements - Recreational Facilities

Judicial Proceedings 2/8/2024 1:00:00 PM
Judiciary 3/27/2024 2:30:00 PM
As of: 6/12/2024 3:05:12 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Carter, Senator Carter FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Egan, Nancy UNF SB 452 Prohibited Liab Agrmts Rec OPPOSE JPR 020 JPR
Malarkey, Emily Maryland Association for Justice FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Carter, Jill FAV SB 452 Testimony.pdf JPR
Tolley, George Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Goscinski, Michael IHRSA FWA Virtual - Oral Testimony
IHRSA 2024 Favorable with Amendments - MD SB 452.p
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-8-2024 at 934 AM JPR
Senator Carter, Senator Carter FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Haresign, Athena Encore Stables llc UNF Sb 452.pdf JUD
Tate, Elizabeth Paradise Stables, LLC UNF General Assembly 2024 SB452 Paradise Stables Testi JUD
Swift, Sadie UNF SB0452_UNFAVORABLE_1.pdf
ALTSTATT, ALICE UNF RE SB0452 ProhibitedLiabilityAgreements .pdf JUD
Jordan, Caroline Good News Stable Inc. UNF Senate Bill 0452 Testimony_Good News Farm_25 March JUD
Burton, Kristen A Pivotal Shift LLC UNF SB0452 Testimony.pdf JUD
Geiter, Stephanie UNF sb452.pdf JUD
Weikel, Marielle UNF Weikel SB452 Written Testimony .pdf JUD
Borns, Sarah UNF Sb452 pdf .pdf JUD
Guffey, Gina UNF Attention--SB 452.pdf JUD
Nass, Marcia UNF email testimony JUD
Schmidt, Cathleen Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding, Inc. UNF 3-25-24 - Written testimony for SB452 from CTR.pdf JUD
Cullen, Mary UNF SB 452.pdf JUD
Bishop, Haley UNF BillSB copy.pdf JUD
Bowling, Brianna UNF Opposition to SB 452.pdf JUD
Swift, Kristin UNF email testimony JUD
SanNicolas, Claire UNF email testimony JUD
Johnson, Robin UNF email testimony JUD
Copeland, Elisabeth UNF email testimony JUD
Wallace, Heather UNF SB0452WitnessStatment.pdf JUD
Hartka, Ted UNF email testimony JUD
Cherry, Darryl UNF I am very disturbed by this bill that eliminates t JUD
Jester, Bridgette Crown Creator Studios UNF email testimony JUD
Connelly, Morgan UNF MGC.pdf JUD
Davis-Brown, Beth UNF DavisBrownStatementSB45203252024.pdf JUD
Maher, J. Endeavor Farm, Inc UNF email testimony JUD
Solan, Catherine UNF email testimony JUD
Welton-Beatty, Lynn UNF email testimony JUD
Frey, Denise UNF email testimony JUD
Welsh, Milly B UNF email testimony JUD
McElhone, Dr Erin Walter Reed National Medical Center UNF email testimony JUD
Nelson, Lynn UNF SB0452.pdf JUD
Sewell, Emily UNF Testimony.pdf JUD
Sokal, Fleta UNF email testimony JUD
Rhoades, Teresa UNF 452.pdf JUD
Lancaster, Erica UNF email testimony JUD
Sharp, Carolann UNF email testimony JUD
Holloway, Henry The Mill UNF email testimony JUD
Spertzel, Karyn UNF email testimony JUD
Henningsen, Sandra Henningsen Equine Ventures, LLC DBA Urbana Riding Club UNF SB 452_oppositional letter to the Maryland General JUD
Lightbody, Sarah FWA Written Testimony for Maryland SB0452.pdf JUD
Blumel, Dayna UNF SB452 UNFAVORABLE.pdf JUD
Garretson, Kyrie UNF I am opposed to SB452.pdf JUD
cowan, Jacquie Chesapeake Plantation Walking Horse Club UNF JWC WRITTEN TESTIMONY March 25 2024.pdf JUD
Thompson, Fiona UNF Liability waiver bill pdf.pdf JUD
Farley, Catherine UNF Legislation 25MAR24.pdf JUD
Nuth, Jenna UNF Nuth_SB0452_Unfavorable_Written_Testimony.pdf JUD
Rowan, Michele UNF SB452.pdf JUD
Jackson, Blair UNF SB0452 testimony.pdf JUD
Jester, Bridgette UNF SB452- Courts - Prohibited Liabil.pdf JUD
day-boodhoo, sarah UNF SB452- Courts - Prohibited Liabilty.pdf JUD
Tice, Deana UNF email testimony
SB0452 HB0162 liability agreements 2024.pdf
Sammons, Susanna UNF SB 452 Liability Waivers.pdf JUD
Batters, Sam Ennisbrook Enterprises LLC UNF SB452 testimony.pdf JUD
Dechter, Anne Olney Farm LLC UNF Olney Written Testimony 2024 re SB 452 - Google Do JUD
Decato, John None UNF Maryland Horse Industry 2024 SB452 Impact.pdf JUD
Muller, Judith UNF HB162 SB452.pdf JUD
Goldring, Elizabeth Solidarity Farm, LLC. UNF HB 162 SB 452-Prohibited Liability Agreements Recr JUD
Havilland, Lisa UNF Letter Testimony.pdf JUD
Regalado, Kimberly UNF SB 452.pdf JUD
Buffett-Staggs, Rebecca Lessons with Becca UNF Buffett-Staggs SB 452 - Prohibited Liability Agree JUD
Pfoutz, Evelyn UNF SB452.pdf JUD
Ennis, Kristina Individual UNF SB452test.pdf JUD
EGAN, KIMBERLY INFO Liability Waiver Informational Letter.pdf JUD
Whitman, Grace UNF Testimony for SB0452.pdf JUD
Dawson, JoAnn Fairwinds Farm & Stables, Inc. UNF ban on liability waivers.pdf
email testimony
Schweers, Lindsey UNF sb0452.pdf JUD
Woolley, Robert The Edge UNF Unfavorable SB0452.pdf JUD
Egan, Nancy UNF SB 452 Prohibited Liab Agrmts Rec OPPOSE JUD 032 JUD
Gonzalez, Sarah UNF SB0452 Testimony.pdf JUD
Burdette, Monica UNF SB0452.pdf JUD
Harrsch, Felicia UNF Unfavorable SB452 FHarrsch.pdf JUD
lacey, claire UNF SB 452 opposition removal liability releases.pdf JUD
Welty, Sarah UNF email testimony
SB0452 - Courts - Prohibited Liability Agreements
Batters, Julia UNF SB 0452 written testimony.pdf JUD
Holliday, Melba UNF Testimony - SB 452.pdf JUD
Jacobs, Stephanie UNF Bill SB 452.pdf JUD
Hummel, Elizabeth UNF Liability Bill.pdf JUD
Leeger, Gladys UNF SB 452 Gladys Leeger Testimony.pdf JUD
Leeger, David Above and Beyond Farm UNF SB 452 David Leeger Testimony.pdf JUD
Fenwick, Karen UNF I am not in favor of the proposed bill on liabilit JUD
Westerbaan-Klein, Anne Marie UNF MDGenAssembly-SB452-WrittenTestimony-3-25-24.pdf JUD
Libber, Matt UNF HB162-SB142 Testimony_MTC.pdf JUD
Piellusch, Gina UNF Misty Manor Testimony_SB 452.pdf JUD
Bent, Dawn Ennisbrook Equestrian Center UNF Liability Waivers.pdf JUD
harman, shawn fish tales, bahia marina and ocean mecca motel INFO SB0452 Shawn Harman.pdf JUD
Miller, Tricia Crabby Axe Throwing UNF SB452.pdf JUD
Tice, Diana B En-Tice-Ment Stables LLC UNF No Testimony JUD
Pfoutz, Evelyn Cool Breeze Dressage UNF email testimony JUD
Popham, Bryson Bryson F. Popham, P.A. UNF SB 452 _MAMIC_UNF_2.pdf JUD
Halsey, Jim Cecil County Dragway UNF OPPOSITION TO SB452.pdf JUD
Hough, Tyler Maryland Farm Bureau FWA Support with Amendments - SB452 Courts - Prohibite JUD
Maxa, John UNF SB0452 Public Comment.pdf JUD
Kiebler, Tricia Saddle the Storm, LLC UNF Opposition SB0452.pdf JUD
Griffin, Andrew Maryland Chamber of Commerce UNF SB 452_MDCC_Prohibited Liability Agreements-Recrea JUD
Blazek, Kelsea UNF SB452 testimony-.pdf JUD
D’Antona, Melissa Windswept Stables UNF Welcome.pdf JUD
RASMUSSEN, DENNIS The Rasmussen Group LLC UNF SB0452_OCChamber_Thompson_UNF.pdf JUD
Ryan, Mike UNF No Testimony JUD
Komisor, Kelly UNF Limited Liability Agreements.pdf JUD
bradford, Jessica UNF SB0452.pdf JUD
Solan, Catherine UNF SB452.pdf JUD
Wang, James Merritt Clubs FAV SB452TestimonyJamesWangMerrittClubsCanton.pdf JUD
Mancuso, Danielle Windswept stables UNF DM Testimony.pdf JUD
Gannon, Jared UNF Horsemanship.pdf JUD
Brody, Marcia UNF Vote Against Recreation Liability Bill.pdf JUD
Lewis Young, Karen FWA Final H&F 2024 Favorable with Amendments - MD SB 4
Duncan, Cora UNF Testimony for Bill SB0452 -- Cora Duncan.pdf JUD
Hartka, Elizabeth Graham Equestrian Center FWA SB452 unfavorable signed.pdf JUD
Calkins, Ali UNF MD waiver bill letter.pdf JUD
May, Catherine UNF Testimony regarding SB0452.pdf JUD
Stees, Maya Windswept stable UNF Document.pdf JUD
Bradshaw, Jamie UNF SB0452.pdf JUD
Rilee, Jessica UNF Letter to Waiver Bill 2024.pdf JUD
Colchagoff, Buff UNF Sb452.pdf JUD
Jacobs, Carol Aquatic Center Inc. UNF SB452-2.pdf JUD
Wight, Julia UNF email testimony JUD
Dawson, JoAnn Fairwinds Farm & Stables, Inc UNF No Testimony JUD
Micek, Christina Trail Riders of Today UNF email testimony JUD
Welty, Sarah Frederick County Agricultural Council UNF No Testimony JUD
Boan, Heidi UNF No Testimony JUD
Neivert, Deb UNF No Testimony JUD
Solan, Catherine UNF No Testimony JUD
Deem-Hergan, Pam UNF No Testimony JUD
O'Halloran, Mike Garrett County Chamber of Commerce UNF email testimony JUD
Leckar, Bonnie UNF email testimony JUD
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