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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0521 - State Personnel – Collective Bargaining

Finance 2/18/2021 1:00:00 PM
As of: 12/3/2023 3:38:03 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Kramer, Senator Kramer FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Rappeport, Annie USM Student Council, UMD College Park FAV USMSC_Testimony in Support of SB521.pdf FIN
Hoyle, Alexander FAV alexander.hoyle.pdf FIN
Shen, Joy FAV joy.shen.pdf FIN
Na, Xuesen FAV FIN
Porzel, Samantha Anne FAV samantha.anne.porzel.pdf FIN
Prakash, Bharat FAV bharat.prakash.pdf FIN
Stamato, Lydia FAV lydia.stamato.pdf FIN
Miller, Alexander W FAV alexander.w.miller.pdf FIN
Avery, Joanna FAV joanna.avery.pdf FIN
Chiel, Joshua FAV joshua.chiel.pdf FIN
Krell, Michael William FAV michael.william.krell.pdf FIN
Sies, Mary Corbin FAV mary.corbin.sies.pdf FIN
Kong, Kezhi FAV kezhi.kong.pdf FIN
Moore, Hayleigh Brianne FAV hayleigh.brianne.moore.pdf FIN
Hanhardt, Christina FAV christina.hanhardt.pdf FIN
Karim, Ramsey FAV ramsey.karim.pdf FIN
Asgarali-Hoffman, S. Nisa FAV s.nisa.asgaralihoffman.pdf FIN
Richardson, Anne FAV anne.richardson.pdf FIN
Yarlagadda, Brinda FAV brinda.yarlagadda.pdf FIN
Schulden, Taylor Francis FAV taylor.francis.schulden.pdf FIN
Pfister, Damien Smith FAV damien.smith.pfister.pdf FIN
Deitemyer, Samuel August FAV samuel.august.deitemyer.pdf FIN
Leong, Jesse Moy FAV jesse.moy.leong.pdf FIN
Williams, Christopher FAV christopher.williams.pdf FIN
Monday, Johnny FAV johnny.monday.pdf FIN
Gordon, Laura Suzanne FAV laura.suzanne.gordon.pdf FIN
Perez, Ari FAV ari.perez.pdf FIN
Patterson, Emery FAV emery.patterson.pdf FIN
Galloway, Nicholas FAV nicholas.galloway.pdf FIN
Lie, Siv B. FAV siv.b.lie.pdf FIN
LEe, Wu-Joo Daniel FAV wujoo.daniel.lee.pdf FIN
Relph, Sophia FAV sophia.relph.pdf FIN
Pruitt, Kyle FAV kyle.pruitt.pdf FIN
III, Harold Charles Daume FAV harold.charles.daume.iii.pdf FIN
Braslavskiy, Arseniy FAV arseniy.braslavskiy.pdf FIN
Lin, Xiaomin FAV xiaomin.lin.pdf FIN
Davis, Melissa FAV melissa.davis.pdf FIN
Singhal, Astha FAV astha.singhal.pdf FIN
Scott, Brian FAV brian.scott.pdf FIN
Trevor, Max FAV max.trevor.pdf FIN
Hadadan, Saeed FAV saeed.hadadan.pdf FIN
duppala, Sharmila FAV sharmila.duppala.pdf FIN
Fan, Kwok Lung FAV FIN
Lu, Zipei FAV FIN
Trettel, Daniel FAV daniel.trettel.pdf FIN
Licitra, Bianca FAV bianca.licitra.pdf FIN
Trimble, Christie FAV christie.trimble.pdf FIN
khan, monis FAV monis.khan.pdf FIN
Duggan, Will Bien FAV will.bien.duggan.pdf FIN
Walston, Alexis FAV alexis.walston.pdf FIN
Reitman, Carter FAV carter.reitman.pdf FIN
Eun, Jaemin FAV jaemin.eun.pdf FIN
Oppenheimer, Kathleen E. FAV kathleen.e.oppenheimer.pdf FIN
Bickoff, Kyle FAV kyle.bickoff.pdf FIN
Shichman, Mollie FAV mollie.shichman.pdf FIN
Cisse, Myriam FAV myriam.cisse.pdf FIN
Zhang, Nan FAV nan.zhang.pdf FIN
Stroup, Rachel FAV rachel.stroup.pdf FIN
Kumar, Sahana FAV sahana.kumar.pdf FIN
Li, Shuke FAV FIN
Ahmed, Syed Neyaz FAV syed.neyaz.ahmed.pdf FIN
Ledford, Victoria FAV victoria.ledford.pdf FIN
Saha, Uday FAV uday.saha.pdf FIN
Cawthorne, Rebecca FAV rebecca.cawthorne.pdf FIN
Goffin, Andrew FAV andrew.goffin.pdf FIN
Blum, Erica FAV erica.blum.pdf FIN
Kramida, Gregory FAV gregory.kramida.pdf FIN
Munne, Jose FAV jose.munne.pdf FIN
Beard, Nate FAV nate.beard.pdf FIN
Dacha, Sai Kanth FAV sai.kanth.dacha.pdf FIN
Triola, Sydney FAV sydney.triola.pdf FIN
Ng, Amanda FAV FIN
Feagin, Karen FAV karen.feagin.pdf FIN
Pourzal, Kristopher FAV kristopher.pourzal.pdf FIN
Jiang, Emily FAV emily.jiang.pdf FIN
Sarginger, Brian FAV brian.sarginger.pdf FIN
Bowrey, Brice FAV brice.bowrey.pdf FIN
Shelley, Adelaida FAV adelaida.shelley.pdf FIN
(re-use), Matthew Salzano FAV matthew.salzano.reuse.pdf FIN
Hall, Valerie FAV valerie.hall.pdf FIN
Fanning, Charlie FAV charlie.fanning.pdf FIN
Teal, DJ FAV dj.teal.pdf FIN
Merchant, Junaid FAV junaid.merchant.pdf FIN
Dalka, Robert FAV robert.dalka.pdf FIN
Sariol-Clough, Marissa FAV marissa.sariolclough.pdf FIN
Rozowski, Michael FAV michael.rozowski.pdf FIN
Marquez, Bayley J. FAV bayley.j.marquez.pdf FIN
Wickner, Amy FAV amy.wickner.pdf FIN
Allen, Lindsey FAV lindsey.allen.pdf FIN
Cramer, Maria E. FAV maria.e.cramer.pdf FIN
Hasan, Naila M. Al FAV FIN
Manjunath, Naren FAV naren.manjunath.pdf FIN
Hao, Yeming FAV yeming.hao.pdf FIN
Mazurek, Michelle FAV michelle.mazurek.pdf FIN
Samoray, Chris FAV chris.samoray.pdf FIN
Hunt, Margaret Rose FAV margaret.rose.hunt.pdf FIN
O'Reilly, Jameson FAV jameson.oreilly.pdf FIN
Massey, Elizabeth FAV elizabeth.massey.pdf FIN
Ostrach, K. Sarah FAV k.sarah.ostrach.pdf FIN
Warford, Noel FAV noel.warford.pdf FIN
Dunphy, Alexander M. FAV alexander.m.dunphy.pdf FIN
Walker, Jonelle FAV jonelle.walker.pdf FIN
Kyprianidis, Antonios FAV antonios.kyprianidis.pdf FIN
Greene, Daniel FAV daniel.greene.pdf FIN
Nye, Kari FAV kari.nye.pdf FIN
Skracic, Izidora FAV izidora.skracic.pdf FIN
Cosi, Mireia Toda FAV mireia.toda.cosi.pdf FIN
Fetherston, John-Patrick FAV johnpatrick.fetherston.pdf FIN
--, Anonymous FAV anonymous.pdf FIN
--, Anmol FAV anmol.pdf FIN
--, Kathryn FAV kathryn.pdf FIN
Curtis, Sabrina M. FAV sabrina.m.curtis.pdf FIN
Goel, Pranav FAV pranav.goel.pdf FIN
Mizrachi, Eli FAV eli.mizrachi.pdf FIN
Tingler, Aubrey FAV aubrey.tingler.pdf FIN
Horimbere, Landry FAV landry.horimbere.pdf FIN
Nunes, Custodio de Oliveira FAV FIN
Richardson-Deppe, Charlotte Rachel FAV charlotte.rachel.richardsondeppe.pdf FIN
Lamb, Rachel FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
FSE SB521 Packet.pdf
Robinson-Tillenburg, Gabrielle FAV gabrielle.robinsontillenburg.pdf FIN
Reynolds, Todd FAV SB521GradCBrightsBill2021.pdf FIN
Deffenbaugh, Liberty Bowie State University FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Final State Testimony Letter SB521.pdf
Perkey, Autumn FSE/GAAC FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Smalls, Cindy FAV AFSCME_FAV_SB521 (1).pdf FIN
Boughman, Joann University System of Maryland UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
skolnik, carolyn University System of Maryland UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Hogan, Patrick University System of Maryland UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Conner, Charles Office of the Baltimore County Executive FAV BaltimoreCounty_FAV_SB0521.pdf FIN
Cook, Chuck Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
SB 521 - State Personnel - Collective Bargaining.p
Fetter, Steven University of Maryland UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
SB 521 Written Testimony.pdf
McGee, Michael Bowie State University FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-17-2021 at 245 PM FIN
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