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As of: 5/29/2023 12:43:50 PM
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Created: 3/22/2023 10:43 AM
Judicial Proceedings Committee - Bill Hearing
1:00 PM - East Miller Senate Building, Room 2, Annapolis, MD
All bills EXCEPT for HB 151 are SPONSOR ONLY.
Del Hill, et al

Failure to Pay Rent Proceedings - Prohibition on Rent Increases and Shielding of Court Records
Del Foley

Condominiums - Sales Contracts - Asbestos Disclosure
Del Holmes

Real Property - Condominiums and Homeowners Associations - Governing Bodies and Annual Meetings
Del Wells

Real Property - Residential Leases - Notification of Rent Increases
Del Fair

Public Health - Prohibition on Transfer of Human Immunodeficiency Virus - Repeal
Del Terrasa, et al

Real Property - Cooperative Housing Corporations, Condominiums, and Homeowners Associations - Virtual Meetings
Del Charles

Maryland Condominium Act – Amendments to the Declaration
Del Holmes

Homeowners Associations - Recorded Liens - Voting Prohibition
Calvert County Delegation

Calvert County - Civil Infractions - Prosecutorial Designations

Created: 3/28/2023 10:37 AM
Judicial Proceedings Committee - Voting Session
2:00 PM - East Miller Senate Building, Room 2, Annapolis, MD

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