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Publications available on this website are organized into the following categories:

"Legislative and Legal" includes publications that summarize the activity that occurred during each legislative session.

"Budget and Fiscal" includes publications that analyze and summarize the state's budget and other fiscal matters.

"Committee" includes publications that have been presented to committees or reports prepared by committees.

"Commission, Task Force, and Work Group" includes publications that have been presented to or produced by these groups.

"Other" includes all other publications.

Additional publications created by the Department of Legislative Services, mandated by legislation, or requested in the Joint Chair's Budget Report may be found in the Legislative Library & Information Services Catalog.

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Publication Name ▴Published
2016 - Fiscal Briefing - January 26, 2016This overview of the budget and other significant fiscal issues is presented to the legislative committees by the Office of Policy Analysis shortly after the Governor's introduction of the budget.1/25/2016
2016 - Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative ReviewHighlights some of the provisions of law relating to regulatory review.2/5/2016
2016 - Program Open Space Early Session BriefingPresentation to the House Transportation and the Environment and House Capital Subcommittees, January 28, 20161/28/2016
2016 - Public Safety and Policing Workgroup - Report and Recommendations - January 2016Report and recommendations by the joint legislative Public Safety and Policing Workgroup1/21/2016
2016 Regular Session - Senate Executive Nominations Committee Report 1Report of the Executive Nominations Committee of the Senate which examines all nominations for appointments made by the Governor that require Senate confirmation. The committee reports its recommendations to the Senate which subsequently votes to confirm or reject the nominees.2/3/2016