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Bills Previously Introduced

Bill Number Previous Legislation
SB0002 2023RS-SB0015
SB0003 2023RS-SB0078 2022RS-SB0230
SB0004 2023RS-SB0684
SB0007 2023RS-SB0069 2022RS-SB0581 2021RS-SB0178
SB0011 2020RS-SB0589 2016RS-SB0328 2012RS-HB1292
SB0015 2023RS-HB0462 2022RS-HB0616 2021RS-HB0825 2019RS-HB0414 2018RS-HB0680
SB0016 2023RS-SB0111
SB0021 2023RS-SB0818
SB0023 2023RS-SB0195
SB0024 2023RS-SB0179
SB0028 2023RS-SB0744 2021RS-SB0852 2020RS-SB0035
SB0033 2023RS-SB0121 2022RS-SB0318
SB0034 2023RS-SB0097 2022RS-SB0030 2021RS-SB0625 2020RS-HB1213
SB0039 2023RS-HB0750 2022RS-HB1132 2021RS-HB0633
SB0047 2023RS-HB0634
SB0048 2023RS-HB0145 2019RS-HB0433 2018RS-HB1526
SB0049 2023RS-HB0639
SB0057 2023RS-SB0047
SB0061 2023RS-SB0812
SB0062 2023RS-SB0376
SB0068 2023RS-SB0252 2022RS-SB0025 2021RS-SB0495 2020RS-HB1186
SB0071 2023RS-SB0759 2022RS-SB0776
SB0079 2023RS-SB0050 2022RS-SB0359 2021RS-SB0188
SB0084 2023RS-SB0668
SB0089 2023RS-SB0631 2022RS-HB1246
SB0092 2023RS-SB0400
SB0095 2023RS-SB0612
SB0096 2023RS-SB0743 2022RS-SB0931
SB0102 2023RS-SB0825
SB0103 2023RS-SB0138 2022RS-SB0100 2021RS-SB0936
SB0111 2023RS-HB1032
SB0114 2023RS-SB0467
SB0115 2023RS-SB0339
SB0116 2023RS-SB0210
SB0118 2023RS-HB0660 2022RS-HB0957
SB0128 2023RS-SB0098 2022RS-SB0562
SB0130 2023RS-SB0208
SB0132 2023RS-HB0047 2022RS-HB0920
SB0134 2023RS-SB0087 2022RS-SB0512 2021RS-SB0809
SB0136 2023RS-SB0133
SB0137 2023RS-SB0669
SB0139 2023RS-SB0164
SB0140 2023RS-SB0366
SB0141 2023RS-SB0817
SB0145 2023RS-SB0771 2022RS-SB0842 2020RS-HB0323
SB0146 2023RS-SB0590
SB0148 2023RS-SB0813
SB0151 2023RS-SB0966
SB0153 2023RS-SB0203
SB0160 2023RS-SB0803
SB0163 2022RS-SB0108
SB0166 2023RS-SB0336
SB0167 2023RS-SB0673
SB0169 2023RS-SB0186 2022RS-SB0683
SB0177 2023RS-SB0755
SB0179 2023RS-SB0744 2021RS-SB0852 2020RS-SB0035
SB0182 2023RS-SB0192 2022RS-SB0762
SB0188 2023RS-SB0218
SB0189 2022RS-SB0116
SB0193 2023RS-SB0690
SB0199 2023RS-HB0567
SB0200 2023RS-SB0095 2020RS-SB0065
SB0201 2023RS-SB0410
SB0202 2023RS-SB0344 2022RS-SB0660
SB0203 2023RS-SB0315
SB0206 2023RS-SB0593
SB0208 2023RS-SB0604
SB0235 2023RS-HB1227
SB0237 2023RS-SB0731
SB0250 2023RS-HB1246
SB0256 2023RS-SB0110 2022RS-SB0389 2021RS-SB0608
SB0287 2023RS-HB1280
SB0288 2014RS-HB0254
SB0301 2019RS-HB0841
SB0312 2023RS-SB0753
SB0313 2023RS-SB0754
SB0318 2023RS-SB0295 2022RS-SB0976
SB0322 2023RS-SB0006
SB0323 2023RS-SB0094 2022RS-SB0122
SB0325 2023RS-SB0260 2022RS-SB0143
SB0328 2023RS-SB0468
SB0344 2023RS-SB0288
SB0350 2023RS-SB0930
SB0356 2023RS-SB0903
SB0359 2023RS-SB0439
SB0363 2018RS-SB1127
SB0364 2023RS-SB0329 2022RS-SB0544 2020RS-SB0800
SB0365 2023RS-SB0013 2022RS-SB0336 2021RS-SB0355
SB0367 2023RS-SB0779 2022RS-HB1452
SB0372 2022RS-SB0088 2021RS-HB0481 2020RS-HB0268 2019RS-HB0535
SB0378 2023RS-SB0564 2022RS-SB0533 2021RS-SB0560 2020RS-SB0672
SB0380 2023RS-SB0018
SB0393 2023RS-SB0918
SB0397 2023RS-SB0748
SB0398 2023RS-SB0949
SB0407 2023RS-SB0297
SB0421 2023RS-SB0528 2022RS-SB0653 2021RS-SB0672 2020RS-SB0870
SB0423 2023RS-SB0971
SB0427 2023RS-SB0618 2021RS-SB0279 2020RS-SB0990
SB0430 2023RS-SB0874
SB0434 2023RS-SB0348
SB0436 2023RS-SB0838
SB0437 2023RS-SB0897
SB0438 2023RS-SB0566 2020RS-HB1242
SB0443 2023RS-SB0845 2020RS-SB0701 2019RS-SB0311
SB0449 2023RS-SB0507
SB0450 2023RS-HB1171
SB0452 2023RS-SB0291
SB0456 2023RS-SB0815
SB0488 2023RS-SB0113
SB0492 2023RS-HB0878
SB0495 2020RS-SB0056
SB0496 2023RS-SB0405 2022RS-SB0083
SB0503 2023RS-SB0933 2022RS-SB0745 2021RS-SB0712 2020RS-SB0237 2019RS-SB0981 2018RS-SB0439 2017RS-HB1410 2016RS-HB0559
SB0509 2023RS-SB0496 2022RS-SB0825
SB0510 2023RS-SB0956
SB0523 2023RS-HB0572 2022RS-HB0745 2021RS-HB0759
SB0535 2023RS-SB0784
SB0545 2023RS-SB0791
SB0552 2022RS-SB0401
SB0553 2023RS-SB0950
SB0566 2022RS-SB0422
SB0567 2023RS-HB0295 2022RS-HB0872
SB0568 2023RS-SB0619 2022RS-SB0315 2021RS-SB0162 2020RS-SB1042 2019RS-SB0768
SB0571 2023RS-SB0844
SB0579 2023RS-SB0557
SB0591 2023RS-SB0352
SB0598 2023RS-SB0394
SB0603 2023RS-SB0267
SB0605 2023RS-SB0888
SB0606 2023RS-SB0752
SB0608 2023RS-SB0571
SB0609 2017RS-SB0042
SB0610 2023RS-SB0749
SB0619 2023RS-SB0073
SB0621 2023RS-SB0285
SB0624 2022RS-SB0777
SB0626 2023RS-HB0357 2022RS-HB1014
SB0641 2023RS-SB0937
SB0644 2023RS-SB0504
SB0658 2020RS-HB0995
SB0663 2016RS-HB1386
SB0664 2023RS-HB0425 2022RS-HB1108
SB0665 2023RS-HB0434
SB0666 2011RS-SB0642
SB0670 2020RS-HB1114
SB0671 2023RS-HB0225 2022RS-HB1038
SB0682 2023RS-HB1186
SB0693 2023RS-SB0305
SB0700 2022RS-SB0822
SB0710 2023RS-SB0883
SB0752 2023RS-HB0162
SB0755 2023RS-SB0785
SB0756 2023RS-SB0938
SB0757 2023RS-HB1141
SB0761 2023RS-SB0495
SB0762 2023RS-SB0271
SB0772 2023RS-SB0567
SB0778 2023RS-SB0397
SB0819 2023RS-SB0935 2022RS-SB0973 2019RS-SB0884
SB0822 2023RS-SB0070 2022RS-SB0137 2021RS-SB0176 2020RS-SB0492
SB0826 2023RS-HB1289
SB0842 2021RS-SB0028 2020RS-SB1034
SB0847 2023RS-SB0777
SB0862 2023RS-SB0832 2022RS-HB1167
SB0865 2023RS-HB1190 2022RS-HB0823
SB0872 2023RS-SB0085 2022RS-SB0672
SB0892 2023RS-SB0646
SB0894 2023RS-SB0758
SB0925 2023RS-SB0637
SB0943 2023RS-HB1027
SB0948 2023RS-SB0257
SB0953 2023RS-SB0643 2019RS-HB1287
SB0958 2023RS-SB0843
SB0960 2023RS-SB0900
SB0999 2023RS-SB0370
SB1014 2023RS-HB0646
SB1021 2023RS-SB0895
SB1030 2023RS-SB0017
SB1069 2023RS-SB0406
SB1094 2021RS-HB0631
SB1101 2022RS-SB0949
SB1121 2023RS-SB0264
SB1135 2023RS-SB0857
SB1139 2023RS-SB0854
SB1157 2023RS-HB0534
SB1172 2018RS-HB1523
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