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Bills Previously Introduced

Bill Number Previous Legislation
SB0001 2020RS-SB1043
SB0012 2020RS-SB0963
SB0022 2020RS-SB0254
SB0025 2020RS-SB0464
SB0027 2020RS-SB0198 2019RS-SB0115 2018RS-SB0099 2017RS-SB0511
SB0028 2020RS-SB1034
SB0031 2020RS-SB0685
SB0038 2020RS-SB0011
SB0041 2020RS-HB0782
SB0044 2020RS-HB0622
SB0045 2020RS-SB0771
SB0046 2020RS-SB0554
SB0048 2020RS-SB0651
SB0049 2020RS-HB0235
SB0053 2020RS-SB0890
SB0055 2020RS-SB0433
SB0059 2020RS-SB0772
SB0061 2020RS-HB0010
SB0062 2020RS-SB0721
SB0065 2020RS-SB0168
SB0069 2020RS-SB1036
SB0070 2020RS-SB1067
SB0074 2020RS-SB0565
SB0081 2020RS-SB0105 2019RS-SB0845
SB0082 2020RS-SB0766
SB0083 2020RS-SB0656
SB0086 2020RS-SB0070
SB0088 2020RS-HB1612
SB0091 2018RS-HB0683
SB0095 2020RS-SB1011
SB0101 2020RS-SB0837
SB0102 2020RS-SB0788
SB0103 2020RS-SB0625
SB0104 2020RS-SB0258
SB0105 2020RS-HB0126 2019RS-HB0640
SB0107 2020RS-SB0062 2019RS-SB0794
SB0108 2020RS-SB0035
SB0111 2020RS-SB0494
SB0113 2020RS-SB0263
SB0114 2020RS-SB0687
SB0122 2020RS-SB0627
SB0126 2020RS-SB0575
SB0129 2020RS-SB0755
SB0133 2020RS-HB1494
SB0137 2020RS-SB0423
SB0140 2020RS-HB1036
SB0142 2020RS-SB0076
SB0145 2020RS-SB0296
SB0147 2018RS-HB1457
SB0150 2020RS-SB1055
SB0153 2020RS-SB0677
SB0156 2020RS-SB0412
SB0159 2020RS-SB0814
SB0161 2020RS-SB1015
SB0162 2020RS-SB1042 2019RS-SB0768
SB0163 2020RS-SB0110
SB0164 2020RS-SB0324
SB0165 2020RS-SB0241 2019RS-SB0686
SB0169 2020RS-HB0428 2018RS-HB1430
SB0171 2020RS-SB0577
SB0176 2020RS-SB0492
SB0177 2020RS-SB0233
SB0180 2020RS-SB0084
SB0189 2020RS-SB0368
SB0190 2020RS-SB0179 2019RS-SB0097 2018RS-SB0602
SB0192 2020RS-SB0483
SB0199 2020RS-SB0424
SB0202 2020RS-SB0817
SB0203 2020RS-SB0711
SB0208 2020RS-SB0178 2019RS-SB0526
SB0215 2020RS-SB1062
SB0216 2020RS-SB0731
SB0218 2020RS-SB0638
SB0220 2020RS-HB0485
SB0221 2020RS-SB0881
SB0223 2020RS-SB0313
SB0224 2020RS-SB0372
SB0229 2020RS-SB0679 2019RS-SB0659
SB0236 2020RS-HB0703
SB0241 2020RS-SB0203
SB0242 2020RS-SB0548
SB0243 2020RS-SB0322
SB0250 2020RS-SB0230
SB0257 2020RS-SB0448 2019RS-SB0668
SB0258 2020RS-SB0349 2019RS-SB0357 2018RS-SB0459 2017RS-SB0132
SB0262 2020RS-SB1045
SB0265 2020RS-SB0869
SB0266 2020RS-SB0853 2019RS-SB1016 2018RS-SB1103
SB0267 2020RS-HB0670
SB0269 2020RS-SB0109
SB0270 2020RS-SB0515
SB0271 2020RS-SB0757 2019RS-SB0363
SB0274 2020RS-SB0414 2019RS-SB0332 2018RS-HB1055
SB0277 2020RS-SB0303
SB0279 2020RS-SB0990
SB0284 2020RS-SB0090
SB0290 2020RS-SB0623
SB0292 2020RS-SB0997
SB0293 2020RS-SB0512 2019RS-HB0112 2018RS-HB1099
SB0295 2020RS-SB0415 2019RS-SB0246 2017RS-HB0724 2016RS-HB0224 2015RS-HB0548
SB0296 2020RS-SB0129
SB0297 2018RS-SB0055
SB0299 2020RS-SB0918
SB0302 2020RS-SB0038 2019RS-SB0226 2015RS-HB1265
SB0303 2020RS-SB0020
SB0307 2020RS-SB0449
SB0309 2020RS-SB0506 2019RS-SB0114 2018RS-SB0027
SB0310 2020RS-HB0199
SB0312 2020RS-SB0094
SB0313 2020RS-SB0725
SB0320 2020RS-HB0891
SB0323 2020RS-SB0287
SB0326 2020RS-SB0159 2019RS-SB0254
SB0330 2020RS-SB0592
SB0331 2020RS-HB1039
SB0333 2020RS-SB0320
SB0336 2020RS-SB0933
SB0338 2020RS-SB0128
SB0348 2020RS-HB1183
SB0357 2020RS-SB0302 2019RS-SB0616
SB0358 2020RS-SB0620 2019RS-SB0615 2018RS-SB1199
SB0360 2020RS-HB0661
SB0361 2020RS-HB1424
SB0363 2020RS-SB0436
SB0370 2020RS-SB0488
SB0372 2020RS-SB0801
SB0375 2016RS-SB0198 2015RS-SB0163
SB0378 2020RS-SB0937
SB0386 2020RS-SB0373
SB0395 2020RS-HB1338
SB0397 2020RS-HB0812 2019RS-SB0621
SB0411 2019RS-SB0474 2018RS-HB0945
SB0416 2020RS-SB0947
SB0420 2020RS-SB0704
SB0421 2020RS-HB0895
SB0422 2020RS-SB0557 2017RS-SB0536 2016RS-HB0296
SB0433 2020RS-SB0608
SB0436 2020RS-SB1018
SB0439 2020RS-SB0518
SB0447 2020RS-HB0640
SB0452 2020RS-HB0435 2019RS-HB0538
SB0455 2020RS-SB1007
SB0462 2020RS-SB0740
SB0464 2020RS-HB0794
SB0475 2020RS-SB0500
SB0478 2020RS-SB0850
SB0484 2020RS-HB1294
SB0495 2020RS-HB1186
SB0498 2020RS-SB0817
SB0502 2020RS-SB0403
SB0515 2020RS-SB1052
SB0516 2020RS-SB0673
SB0521 2020RS-SB0658 2019RS-SB0491 2018RS-SB0560
SB0527 2020RS-SB0653
SB0531 2017RS-SB0196 2016RS-SB0259
SB0535 2019RS-HB1037
SB0540 2020RS-SB0955
SB0546 2020RS-HB1475
SB0550 2020RS-SB0904
SB0552 2020RS-SB0017 2019RS-SB0235 2018RS-SB0072 2012RS-SB0785 2010RS-SB0015 2009RS-SB0797 2008RS-SB0866
SB0558 2020RS-SB1023 2019RS-SB0257 2018RS-SB0454
SB0559 2020RS-SB0498
SB0560 2020RS-SB0672
SB0572 2020RS-SB0278
SB0573 2020RS-SB0269
SB0574 2020RS-SB0279
SB0577 2020RS-SB0826
SB0581 2020RS-SB0387 2019RS-SB0632
SB0585 2020RS-HB1438
SB0592 2020RS-SB0662
SB0594 2020RS-SB0404
SB0595 2020RS-HB0260
SB0621 2020RS-SB0527 2019RS-SB0665
SB0625 2020RS-HB1213
SB0636 2020RS-SB0946
SB0654 2020RS-SB0695
SB0666 2020RS-SB0393 2019RS-SB0595
SB0669 2020RS-SB0550 2019RS-SB0776 2015RS-SB0474
SB0670 2020RS-SB0551 2019RS-SB0775 2015RS-SB0475
SB0672 2020RS-SB0870
SB0682 2020RS-SB0659
SB0683 2019RS-SB0333
SB0690 2017RS-HB0767 2016RS-HB0947
SB0712 2020RS-SB0237 2019RS-SB0981 2018RS-SB0439 2017RS-HB1410 2016RS-HB0559
SB0716 2020RS-HB0013
SB0726 2020RS-SB0874
SB0815 2020RS-SB0818
SB0838 2014RS-HB1094
SB0840 2020RS-SB0517
SB0844 2020RS-SB0833
SB0846 2020RS-SB1024
SB0848 2020RS-SB0641
SB0851 2020RS-HB0410
SB0852 2020RS-SB0035
SB0862 2020RS-HB1599
SB0897 2020RS-SB0719 2019RS-SB0262
SB0900 2020RS-SB0146 2019RS-SB0009
SB0932 2019RS-SB1009
SJ0001 2020RS-SJ0005
SJ0004 2020RS-SJ0003
SJ0007 2020RS-SJ0002
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